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Bonjour From France

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Hi there, my name 's Pierrot, from southern France. I first joined the forum in 2012, just after reading the Millionaire Fastlane for the first time. But I didn't put enough efforts in at that time, and had some personnal struggles to overcome. Here am I again, after reading unscripted , and experimented a F event last july 2nd. That very day I went to the barber to have a haircut and had to pay 50% more that I earn at taking care of someone's health... That moment I knew I had to say F to the sovietic french healthcare system. I sold my physical therapist private practice business 2 weeks ago and am looking for a business to purchase. An existing brick and mortar business, sold by someone willing to retire, with a good customers portfolio and a lot of development needed. I'm learning marketing, sales and business for some years now, and I eventually had the cojones to go and make it. From here it means perhaps more time, as I live in a communist country. It may not be perceived as one, but mentalities are really like "money and success are for soccer players, rappers, cons or thefts". Unless you' re a rich family's heir. Jealousy is all aroud, and negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are engraved in marble... That's why I'm looking to the other side of the ocean for inspiration and brotherhood. Thx for reading.
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
as I live in a communist country.

I knew France was getting bad, didn't know it was THAT bad.

Welcome to the forum as I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
I knew France was getting bad, didn't know it was THAT bad.

Welcome to the forum as I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Hello MJ, thanks a lot for all the work done !
It may sound a bit too much, but how should I call a country where 24% of the total workforce is public employed ? Payed by taxes on the others, and deciding quite everithing, from where I should work to how much I should earn from my labour ?
The bright side is that it forces every conscious, free and open minded human being to look around and create solutions. There's plenty of good will and energy here, bootstrapping is quite easy, but it's really a matter of view: a business here is meant to create jobs, not wealth or value. Here's my statement about sovietic planning...
Though, enough about that, here's the place for adding value, not whining about friction forces. Each physical (and non physical) environment has its owns, as a martial artist I believe these forces give us the way to use them. They give the E(ntry) to the Cents_CENTS.
Hope I can soon give some of my experience on this forum, even a billionth of what I've get from it and ur books would be a big deal.
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