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Big Tech Companies Killing Websites and Small Software?

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Sep 9, 2018
This has happened a while ago, but I'm sure you have all noticed that Google has added In-Search Functionality for many things.

1) Calculator
2) Measurement Unit Conversions
3) Sports Game Scores
4) Translation
5) Stock Prices
6) Flight Prices
7) ETA Distance Calculators
8) Local Business Lead Generation

I just decided to go hard to programming to learn a "Maker Skill" that has very low cost and I can experiment for free unlike other Maker Skills. All software has potential for massive impact.

I am now losing hope though. I gotta admit, I barely visit websites anymore. The Google In-Search Functionality killed all these websites.

There were so many passive/fastlane businesses that ran as web apps + Google Ad model. Simple functionality is out of question for passive income, because Google replaced all of them. Websites like Expedia are even at risk, since google made in-search flights. Making a lead generation website for local businesses or Yelp? That's dead or going to be dead pretty soon now since google shows all that stuff in-search.

What's next? Google going to be showing in-search rentals that kill off Airbnb?

In-Search music? and movies? Spotify/Netflix?

How do I fight the fact that pretty much every software or saas I create will be useless by the time I build it? Even these large businesses are at risk. You guys see my point right? The big guys just provide too much value.

I know its innovate or die, but it seems like I got no chance to even get a footing.

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Sep 24, 2016
Purpose of your post?


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Nov 18, 2017
Google is way too broad and general.

Youll have to find a niche. The same could have been said about Pinterest there's already images on google etc. But Pinterest was like, well how about images + personal hobbies.
Totally agree with this, Google might try to do everything but they do it in a way where it's very broad.

For example you mentioned the calculator. Yes, Google is great for just searching up everyday simple equations like addition or subtraction. But it might not be great for more complex functions that are needed by university students. Could you create a calculator that University students could use?

Another example that is even more impressive is Waze. The founder of Waze created it even though Google Maps already existed... And then Google ended up buying it for more than 1 billion dollars.

You can always do something and do it better... Even better than Google. And even if Google DOES end up building what you make, a small percentage of a big industry is still enough money to change your life. 0.1% of 1 billion is still 1 million.


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Mar 16, 2017
So make a website about what ever you want to make it about and use an online calculator that is already made. If your content is better, you will beat them or atleast be on the 1st page. It's all about content. Everyone always says they have GREAT content, when in fact.... it isn't. The way to see if your content is great is to ask 10 friends and 10 strangers..... then go with what the strangers say because most friends will always tell you it is great. I'm learning Wordpress for a reason, not because I'm bored. If I kicked lots of site' a$$ with Weebly, just think of what I'm going to do with Wordpress since everyone says it's the best thing going. Why be intimidated by Google or any other site? Be better, not intimidated.


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Oct 8, 2017
How do I fight the fact that pretty much every software or saas I create will be useless by the time I build it? Even these large businesses are at risk. You guys see my point right? The big guys just provide too much value.

I know its innovate or die, but it seems like I got no chance to even get a footing.
On the bright side: they're good for selling to. I know a guy who made a simple tool, got significant users, and then sold it out at the first good offer, and retired. They're the ideal buyer really. Everything else, from IPO to selling to small guys, is harder.

It's usually more cost efficient for them to buy existing tech & user bases than have to develop it in house. The more money someone has, the more they value their time. Absorbing an existing asset is a no-brainer for them (which is partly why companies like Facebook pay such obscene amounts for simple tech they could implement themselves).

So solutions:

Try to avoid anything likely to be overrun by big tech. I.e. target niches too small to be worth their time, instead of broad universally-applicable tools.

Increase your skills or put together a team so you can move faster. Big companies are slower than small groups.

Keep "acquisition readiness" in your design considerations, so if a big tech decides to move into your area, and see your existing solution and invite negotiations, you'll be seen as "fit for consumption" instead of "too hard basket", which could mean the difference between getting acquired and them just making their own solution.


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Jun 28, 2018
Holbeach Hurn
Why not compete on search? There is a massive amount of unindexed deep web sites. Google is not serving then because it's too busy with all these extras. It's a higher barrier to entry than websites or CRUD apps, but well that's why Google is able to spend a billion on a company.


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Dec 27, 2017
Spokane WA
It seems like your complaining that low barrier to entry business models are not substainable business models.

All of the in search features you mentioned are the lowest barrier to entry, easiest to create web components. All of those things could be made in an hour and are re-using the same “big company” for the api anyway.

Focus on creating something of value that has a higher barrier to entry.

Spotify and Netflix are not looking at google in search results as a Threat. Their business models are not built on quick answers to simple questions. Those companies literally built high barrier to entry, value driven industries. Google, Apple and Microsoft have all tried to compete with those companies in the past and have failed to gain significant traction.

Do not get discouraged with programming. It is a skill that once mastered gives you the ability to execute on any great idea.

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