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Best idea since Handerpants? (1 sale in less than an hour)

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Chris McCarron

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Jun 26, 2017
Hey, first of all if you don't know what Handerpants are (undies for your hands) then take a look at this:


Almost as handy (pun intended... tough crowd!) as the nipple scarf. Yep they actually exist!

Now that we got the chuckling out of the way, I thought I would float this concept by you because in less than one hour I got one sale and two additional leads.

To give you some context, I own GoGoChimp which is a conversion optimization and email marketing agency in the UK.

We've been lucky to have worked with some amazing brands and influencers over the years and we've been featured here and there on a few occasions. More importantly, we get strong results for our clients which for some can be life changing.

In short we identify and then fix problem areas of your website's sales funnels so that you get more customers / clients, higher average order values and more repeat business.

However, there's a few problems that we continually run into when it comes to getting our leads to part with their hard earned cash:

1) Not everyone can afford to hire a team of experts from an external agency
2) A lot of companies want to hire in-house (despite the excessive expenses associated with employees)
3) They don't think it'll work and have perhaps been burned in the past when using inexperienced freelancers

As a quick experiment I fired a few emails to people who recently requested more information about the services we offer, the clients we help, the results we achieve etc and offered them a private video by me. In it, I advise them what they should change on their website so that they get more conversions.

I priced the video at £99.99, but if they allowed me to publish their video on our YouTube channel, then I would slash the price to just £49.

In less than 1 hour I had 1 sale and 2 additional leads (one of whom asked to see a video example - I quickly put this together:

So my questions to you are:

A) In your opinion, is this worth my time pursuing?
B) Do you feel that this will lead to additional, higher paying work from the same group of customers?
C) Would you part with £99.99 (or £49) RIGHT NOW, knowing that it's going to get you a lot more business?
D) What's the best price that you feel comfortable paying?

Thanks and I can't wait to read your advice!
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