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Jul 30, 2018
I hate the term "content marketing".

I see this bullshit everywhere on social media, blogs, and especially Youtube. Everyone is so focused on giving "value" when in reality they're just offering paper thin bandaids that never solve the real underlying problems, under the guise of "content marketing".

And we wonder why business owners are so burnt out on marketing?


Businesses don't need your 37 page PDF on Google Ads.

Businesses don't need to "do social media" because everyone else is.

Businesses don't need a responsive website.

What they do need is a transformation.

A solid case study outlining real results from real people is going to destroy a "15 Steps To A Bangin' Landing Page" blog post every single time.

As marketers, we tend to value stats, KPIs, if a blue button converts better than a red one, etc...

This leads to the swath of "50 reasons you need to be on Instagram" blog posts.

But as business owners, we only care about sales, and feeding our families.

That's it.

Burn this into your brain: Your customers don't value the same things you do. You need to offer relevant value.


I promise you business owners don't give a rat's a$$ about your Youtube channel, or Instagram profile. The only reason they stumbled upon your half-baked "value" is because they were looking for a solution to their problem.

Give them the f*cking solution.

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