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Nov 27, 2017
The World
Hey guys,

First of all, thank all of you for this amazing forum. The value shared here is incredible. Im looking forward to contribute what ever I have. I already joined the forum around 2 weeks ago – and now I finally made it to the introduction part. I will try to keep it short and sweet.

26 years old from Berlin, Germany. I have been floating around aimlessly most of my life, without much ambitions and goals. Somehow happy, somehow always seeking my place in society. Studied some bullshit because I thought its interesting. Well, it wasn't. And it didn't teach me any valuable skills neither. But I didn't care. I had so much free time while studying my Bachelor, but waisted it mostly with mindless activities.

Seneca said: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable." That was my problem.

Then, around 2 years ago, while studying in Colombia, something switched in my mind. I bought a Kindle and started reading again. I got hungry for knowledge and started to learn again. I always loved to learn new things, but only in certain areas of my life: Languages and Martial Arts. Now this obsession for improvement manifests in every single area of my life.

The Millionaire Fastlane gave me the last push I needed. The last push in the right direction, because it showed me the importance of action. Thanks MJ. And I took action this year and started freelancing as a copywriter/content marketer. I always had a talent to write. Teachers in school literally tried to drag me to writing-competitions, but me? I didn't give a flying duck. That changed now. I know freelancing is far away from the fastlane, but for me it is an important step. Not only because I never earned that much money in my life, I also always dreamed of having an location-independend income. I reached this goal quicker than expected. And it feels amazing to do this on my own, without a crappy job. I tasted blood and I want more. I want to know how the big juicy fruits of the fastlane taste like!

Right now I'm still studying, which sucks. I want to diversify my income stream and build a second one, wich is not directly interwoven with my time. Like E-Commerce . The only problem: with studying and writing combined, I have little time to invest in new ideas and take action. I feel like I am not moving forward.

Anyways, I study a Master programme of international relations and I have around 0.5 years to go. It's interesting, but nothing I will use for my career. I made up my mind to become an entrepreneur. I know I have the discpline and willpower. Lets go.

P.S. Sorry for the thread title and blame it on Spirit Airlines. They used one like this in their Email-newsletter and I wanted to see if it works here. ;)
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Niptuck MD

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Aug 31, 2016
Seneca said: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable."

excellent quote from a forgotten wizard

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