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INTRO Anyone from Brazil here? I am!


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Nov 18, 2019
Hi there folks!

I'm new in this ecosystem.
Although I had a business 20 years ago, nowadays I'm "slowlaning" in a government job.
Despite the sense of contribution to my country and everything, deep down I feel the urge to create something to give me the quality of life I need to have.
I'm not sure how it goes in your home country but around here to have a government job is like being in a golden cage. You're very limited on what you can do, but you have a life very few people out there can have. Like, access to quality health care, incentives to academic progress, etc.
Even than, there's more to life than that, as both DeMarco's books very well points out.
So, I came here to have ideas about how to turn my current passion, currency trading, into a business. How to leverage my skills while providing services or products based on it. Let's see what I can find here.
Thank you all who make this forum run and thrive.
Good luck and success to everybody!
May God bless your efforts.

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The Racing Driver

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Apr 20, 2015
Hong Kong
Bem-vindo Alexandre!

Great to see you doing something to help your country, while striving to create an unscripted life.

If you could share a little more background about your currency trading experience, that could help others here at the forum give you some better advice.

I really like Brazilian culture and people, though it's very sad to see corruption and crime affecting so many people's lives there. Have you noticed problems or issues at your job that could be turned into a potential businesses?


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Nov 18, 2019
Obrigado, Driver!

I trade currencies on the forex market since 2017. I started developing Expert Advisors for the Metatrader 4 platform - "robots", or automated strategies - but now I trade mostly as a discretionary trader (manually).
These were three years of blood, sweat and tears. But I managed to survive and even become profitable. Of course, this had a price. A lot of effort, short nights, and lots of money lost to the market.
But I survived.

The biggest lesson I learned is this: the name of this game is resilience. It's a mind game, but if you're not able to sustain the punishment for long periods of time, you better stay away from forex.
I remember seeing Gary Vee saying something like "being an entrepreneur is like being punched in the mouth everyday". That really resonate with my experience. You wake up rich, is broke at lunch and recover the losses by night. Every day's a challenge.
Of course, with time you learn how to control greed and the risk. So the roller coaster smooths out.

It's a journey of self discovery and self development. By the way, all the good things in this endeavor is pretty much "self". It's naive to believe that anyone will give you the map of the path in exchange for a course fee. Or sell you the solution to your needs in a package as a system that anyone who can press a button is able to operate. So, there's a lot of good books and courses out there but the integration of the knowledge will have to happen inside your own mind. And that's good, cause this is really the right way to learn, so you are able to adjust and evolve as the market evolves. So, you end up learning by yourself, trading a system developed by yourself, with a strategy you devise by yourself.

The biggest problem, I believe, is one's own funding capacity. Because when we start we are more akin to exacerbate the risk to "get there faster". And we also don't know how to evaluate risk properly nor to control it's effects. We don't know the math. This is a dangerous combination because an uncontrolled greed together with absence of risk control can lead to one losing all his/her money - including the borrowed money taken from the bank or relatives to "leverage" his/her forecasted gains. So, the aspiring trader is left not only without the initial trading capital but sometimes also in debt. It's sad. I've seen a lot with colleagues all around the world. More so because the industry mislead, in a sense, the trader to overtrade and to have unreasonable expectations.

But, it is possible to make it work.
The catch is: it's very unlikely that only trading our own money will make us rich.
That's why I have this vision to turn trading into a business, somehow.
That's why I'm here, to grab some ideas and learn from people with other vantage point.

Regarding your question about problems and issues of the public service and related business opportunities, yes, there's a lot of needs to be fulfilled. But for the same reasons you expressed in your message, I prefer to look for opportunities elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

Well, I hope I can contribute for this community. If anyone have any question about forex trading, drop me a message and I'll do my best to answer accordingly to my experience. Maybe it can help someone.

Good luck and success!

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