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An example of the power of scarcity and consensus

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Jan 19, 2018
My brother sent me this video clip (which was posted a few days ago). It shows how a Vice reporter was able to get a (not yet existing) restaurant listed as the top London restaurant on TripAdvisor. He did this solely through reviews (albeit fake ones) and by being exclusive (not allowing people to become a customer yet).

So, he managed to do this this by using just 2 of the principles of influence (Cialdini). For most people on this forum there will be nothing new about this, this is just a another reminder to myself and others how powerful these principles really are. And to think about them and start implementing them before launching your business.
  • Scarcity: They tell everyone that wants a piece of their product/service that they are not part of the chosen few that can have it. Which makes people even want it more of course and talk about it with friends: "Did you get in restaurant XYZ yet? Do you know anyone who's eaten there? What's this place like?"
    Nearly all people here will know this, just don't forget to actually think about how you can apply this for your (yet to launch) business and then do it.

  • Consensus: "Especially when they are uncertain, people will look to the actions and behaviors of others to determine their own." => Solely by using the raving reviews of others, they were able to convince people that their product was the best. People were easily convinced by the positive review of others. Even just online reviews of people they don't know. Yes, they tricked the system by using fake reviews, but the principle still stands: work to getting as much positive reviews as you can. Show people expressing their satisfaction/gratitude on your site & social media: text, video, audio,... Show people using your service/product and being happy about it.
    Again, nothing earth-shaking, but don't forget to actually do it.

  • They could have done even more, because they missed opportunities that the other principles offer like authority or the power of liking (by for example posting videos of the chef / owner talking about his life/philosophy about food/...)

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Great post, in other words, it's a mob mentality... there's consensus in a mob, and there's scarcity just by a mob's nature, wanting some piece of a limited resource. Think Black Friday...

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