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AMA: My Long Road To 2K/Month With Copywriting (Non-Native Writer)

Anything considered a "hustle" and not necessarily a CENTS-based Fastlane


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Oct 5, 2018

I've gotten a TON of value out of this forum, so it's time to give back the best way I can - by sharing how I - a "grammatically-challenged", non-native copywriter went from 0 to 2k/month in 2 years.

Sounds underwhelming I know. This wasn't a 6-month long journey like I initially planned.

And if you're a young dude/dudette with a heavy Eastern European accent and no background in sales or marketing you can expect a similar outcome. Am I being too negative? Maybe. But I challenge you to find a single non-native copywriter who made it that fast without any prior industry experience or coaches that cost 2k/month. I am sure they exist, but I haven't found one. So if you're a blank slate expect to suck and...

Be prepared to face A $hitton of ''mind demons''.

The trick is to stay persistent.

Especially, if you've never made a dime online.

Your greatest obstacle won't be tactical stuff like ''how/where to get clients'', or ''how to write copy that converts''.

In fact, you can figure out most of the tactics today and start executing tomorrow.

But you'll need to ''grit-the-f***-up" because...

You won't see any results after tomorrow. And after the day after that. Or the day after that. Heck, even after a MONTH, there could be nothing to show for your efforts. OR EVEN A WHOLE FRICKING YEAR. Sure, it's unlikely but...

Are you ready for that scary possibility? Can you handle a high level of uncertainty? Can you stick through when your mom/spouse/cat is telling you to get a real job, and you can't find a gig?

If yes, then keep reading, because I'll give you 6 siMpLe sTePS for going to 2k/ month in 2 years or less starting from scratch.

1. Pick a niche. Doesn't have to be super narrow. Just don't be a generalist. And don't overthink it you can always change it later. I picked the first thing that popped into my mind and it served me well. My niche is generic and crowded - but picking this niche was enough to start attracting & closing 6-7 figure clients.

2. Write samples for your niche. Here's the bare minimum: - Long form sales page - 5 part email auto responder - 2 facebook ads - Opt- in page

3. Design the sales page and opt-in page in Clickfunnels and take a screenshot (get a free trial) You can also learn wordpress, or pay someone to implement it. Use this for FB ads Facebook Ad Mockup, and take screenshots as well.

4. Set up a professional LinkedIn account (bonus points for FB and having a website). And for the love of God don't be afraid to show your face. In fact, when you're starting out it's one of the few credibility-building assets you have.

5. Get on Upwork and craft a dank Upwork proposal with links to screenshots, google docs where you have your autoresponders, and social media/website.

6. Reach out to prospects in your niche every single day. This means don't apply to gigs outside your niche. (can't join Upwork? Use Fiverr, Facebook, Cold Email etc. - the medium doesn't matter as long as you can contact your prospects in any way shape or form. Send a carrier pigeon for all I care - just find a way to consistently make contact with people who might need your help. I've done Fiverr, Upwork, and cold emails - I like Upwork the best.)

7. Do this as well as you can and keep reading copywriting/sales books until your stuff works.

That's what I did... Actually, that's not all.

Now that I wrote this out I realized there are 1000 more tiny little things that have to be put in place, for this to work and if I were to create a step-by-step post with all the nitty-gritty stuff I did this would turn into a 10000000-word tome.

So, if you're an aspiring copywriter ask me ANYTHING. I'll share every single detail because I know how muddy the whole thing feels when starting out.

Ask away!
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