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Advice needed on my ideas

Idea threads


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Jan 13, 2018
Tavernier, FL
I read TMF and I have finally after quite a while come to realize that my passions are in fields that are already saturated with competition and therefore won't be fast lane at all. My interests are baking, sewing and dance.

I saw a thread on here the other day about Unsexy Business Ideas and that got me really thinking a lot. I came up with two business ideas, but I'm not sure what to do with them.

My cousin owns a commercial cleaning franchise and I was thinking of helping her add commercial kitchen cleaning to her business, because her franchise could train me to do that. It could be scaled and it's a very unique market that's been relatively untapped. My concern is should I mix business with family. I want to help her, but I'm not sure if I should go out and start my own company; because I don't want to mess up our relationship if something goes wrong business wise.

I also was thinking of starting a route sales vacation relief service. Basically connect current route drivers with independent business owners for companies like Pepperidge Farm and Bimbo Bakeries so the IBO's can take vacations. I would make sure I have multiple drivers available as back up so that every route is covered. I think it's a much needed service, but I'm not sure what to do with it.

I would appreciate any feedback or advice you might have. Thank you.
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Xavier X

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Jan 1, 2016
These United States
I know very little about commercial cleaning services. However, commercial kitchen cleaning is definitely an area of opportunity.
If you walk into the back kitchen of many small to medium-size restaurants, you'd never buy their food again.

As far as going into business with family, that's rarely ever a good idea. It usually goes bad as a "2 for the price of 1" deal.
A single problem could lead to the loss of both a business and family relation.

I'd recommend starting your own company, but in the interim get some domain experience from your cousin. Let her know you're starting a related business.
Your business could be a "value added service" she can recommend to her clients. However, it remains an independent third-party.

If you try to go in as a "department" within her business, the power play and its related drama could muddy relations.

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