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O/T: HEALTH A "put together" workout-plan from 4 years of training

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Danny Sullivan

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Jul 2, 2018
Hello Fastlaners,

since i have some idle time i thought, i might aswell write down my workout plan i adjusted over the course of the last 4 years and which i'm executing since 1 year.

First of all: my goal is not getting super muscular or obtaining a bodybuilder physique. I just want to stay lean, build some decent muscle and be able to push and pull a good amount of weight, so my body stays functional for day-to-day operations without beeing exhausted from minor tasks.

I’m training in 2 day cycles, meaning: training - day off - training - day off - etc.

I do a ~15 min. warm-up before each workout and try to limit workout time to about 1 hour of time. I end almost every workout with core exercises and shrugs in sort of a “power-exercise”, which means - no rest.

I’m using Jeff Cavalier’s warm-up routine in combination with some deep leg stretches and have to say: it’s the best warm-up routine i’ve ever had.

I start every exercise with 2x10 sets with 60% and 80% of my current max weight (not one-rep max), followed by 3x7-8 or 4x5-6 repetitions (depending on how my body responds to the weights that day). If i do any other set of repetitions, i’ll state it behind the name of the exercise. I rest 45-60 seconds between sets, except for deadlifts and squats (~2min).

I also write down all current weights into a note book, to keep track of progression. Furthermore i mark the days i’ve trained on a years-calender (up on my wall), with the unit description of what i’ve trained that day.

Ok, let’s go:


Monday - WOU1 (Workout Unit 1)


“Elevated Push Up’s” - 4 x 10-12
I just stack some plates and put push up grips on it. Here’s what i’m trying to achieve

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

Low-Incline Dumbbell Press

Cable Chest Fly’s

Overhead Press / Military Press, standing

End Routine:

1x40 lower abs, 1x20 six-pack - 1x25 dumbbell shrugs
1x20-40 lower abs, 1x20 six pack - 1x25 dumbbell shrugs
2x20-30 obliques, 1x25 dumbbell shrugs
2x20 core (i like wipers), 1x25 dumbbell shrugs


Yeah, no benchpress here. It’s not activating the chest enough and i’m having a hard time with my shoulders. Feel free to mix it in if you can’t live without it.


Wednesday - WOU2


Deadlift - 1-2 min. rest intervals

T-Bar Rows

Seated Rows

Jeff Cavalier’s Shoulder Finisher - no rest

End Routine (look above)



Friday - WOU5 - Cardio heyyyyy...


Lateral Pull-Up’s 30-40x - do it in your own pace but get them done

25 min. core workout - do what you like, try to hit each part of your core
Do some hanging abs exercises if you can

End core workout with plank and side plank with these intervals: 1x60 sec., 1x45 sec., 1x30 sec. (each side for the side plank obviously) - no rest

I’m then going for a 10km (around 6 1/4 miles) bike ride (stationary) with modest intensity



Sunday - WOU3BI (Biceps)


Dumbbell Biceps Curls

Single-Arm Preacher Curls (all the way down, not some 90° shenanigans)

Reverse Barbell Curls

Overload Barbell Curls, heavy weight for negatives

Pull Up’s, jump up, slow on the negatives. 5-6 times

Jeff Cavalier’s “Sore in 6 forearm workout”

End Routine, minus the shrugs. (I just can’t hold onto the dumbbells after the sore in 6 stuff)



Tuesday - WOU3TRI (Triceps)



Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extensions, split in 2 parts:

1. Upper range of the movement 7-8x

2. Lower range of the movement 7-8x

Close Grip Bench Press

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

Jeff Cavalier’s “Sore in 6 forearm workout”

End Routine, minus the shrugs



Thursday - WOU4

Squats, 1-2 min. rest

Fast Paced Box Squats (might need to reduce the initial squat weights)

Lunges / Reverse Lunges, weighted (Dumbbells, Free Weights)

Step Up’s, Block height = 90° leg angle, weighted (Dumbbells, Free Weights)

Calve Press, no weights, slow movement, 100-120x



Saturday - WOU5 - Cardio again.


Lateral Pull-Up’s 30-40x - do it in your own pace, just get them done

25 min. core workout - do what you like, try to hit each part of your core
Do some hanging abs exercises if you can

End core workout with plank and side plank with these intervals: 1x60 sec., 1x45 sec., 1x30 sec. (each side for the side plank obviously) - no rest

Then i’m off for a 4km run (around 2 1/2 miles) which i attempt to do in about 30 mins



Repeat the workout cycle.

All the credit goes to the youtube channels of Jeff Cavalier (Athlean-X), Elliott Hulse (Strenght Camp), Scott Herman (Scott Herman Fitness), Omar Isuf (OmarIsuf), Paul Chek (Paul Chek) and Clarence Kennedy (Clarence0) that provided an astonishing amount of value for free!

I tried so many workout plans and none of it really sticked with me. I was getting poor results, was to exhausted most of the time, had to take breaks every 5-6 weeks and got sick every 3-4 months. This one sticks with me a little bit over a year now and i had no need to take even a week off of it (even though i did, because vacation). I feel i can manage my energy and exhaustion levels quite well and up my weights every 2-4 weeks.

This is by no means “The perfect Workout-Plan”, it just works perfect for me and i wanted to share it. Maybe it helps.

If you got questions or recommendations, please ask / share.

Arun Siva

aspiring 大君 of the bourgeoisie
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Aug 31, 2016
yea, i love jeff's stuff. he is pretty much spot on about the exercise descriptions and what not. between him and kris gethin you are covered.

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