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Hi fastlaners,
I am a 18-year old from the metro area of India, currently in my first year of engineering. Born in a middle-class family, amidst scarcity and compromises, my life was shaped by my mom. A hard-working lady who made sacrifices ever since I know her. At a very early age, I absorbed all her values and worked hard to secure good grades in my high school, that's the only path our relatives and society know, which can throw us out of mediocrity and poverty. My dad, being ambitious, never held me from any opportunity to learn.

Other than these sacrifices, is the sight I remember, when my Mom joined her hands in front of a doctor, who refused to treat my sister while it was an emergency (she had something stuck in her ear), because she had no hard cash, at that moment. That day, I felt all the hard work go down the drain, I felt powerless and weak. I promised to myself, that very day that I wont let that happen ever again. She deserves way more than this. That I would have enough to buy the best medical and healthcare facilities for her, thousand times over. That's why refuse to quit, and i never will.

I had keen interest in technology and science, I also knew that successful inventors enjoy a rich lifestyle. I decided to become an engineer by profession, while continuing to research and read. I studied various other subjects like philosophy, genetics and biology. I always thought, these may help me open up doors for innovation.

My Unscripted Journey
Recently, Two weeks after I completed Unscripted, an idea clicked. I realized a need in the market-place, in a market that is huge. There are people who like being judged, who like to hear other's criticism, who believe that sharing other's opinions, impressions and memories of them are a better way of connecting people. There is a huge majority of people who find social media, a place where people boast and show-off. This becomes a place, not meant for the introvert to interact.
The details of the idea, i wont disclose now, since the entry in this field is easy. Its only the time to execute that matters. I will soon share it here.
This form of interaction has great potential to open up doors for potential mates. I see this becoming a dating place for the people who don't want to sign up for a dating site (amazing people don't need these supports to find a potential mate. Do they?).

What now?
I learnt coding for app in 4 weeks, then I learnt graphic design for UI and interface. I designed the wireframe and currently, I am adding functionality to my App. I see this becoming a brand in future, because it would appeal to an audience who want to be criticized and judged. I know, a need exists. I know, I can scale it huge. I know, it needs little/no investment. I know, if its successful, I would be influencing millions (billions in slightest probability). My only concern is entry. Almost anyone can launch his/her app in this field, nothing is proprietary. The only entry restriction is time. The level of execution in UI design, and beautiful UX can be achieved only within 7-8 months. This seems enough to build my brand and a community. This is tough road ahead. Every night I dream of some smart guy, who would kick my a$$, who would devote 14 hours a day and make such an application in 2-3 months, with much better functionality. This pressure forces frustration born out of a desire for perfection. Competition is global and very tough. It demands executional brilliance and perfection. I know chances of success are very less. This idea is original. The path is untrodden, and that's when I knew my Unscripted journey had begun.

I will continue to write, about my experiences and my failures.
@MJ DeMarco Sir, you will be a source of inspiration.

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