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INTRO A 30 yr old with a "comfy" government job

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New Contributor
May 9, 2018
Greetings everyone and thank you for reading this intro

By Fastlane Journey began about 3 weeks ago from one single comment that I read on another forum about Unscripted and TFL Millionaire. Being the proactive guy that I am I went to Amazon, read all the amazing comments and bought both books on Audible. Since then I have had a paradigm shift in my beliefs towards business and entreprenuership. In the beginning the concepts in the book were hard to stomach and created a cognitive dissonance. For me the lessons were a RADICALLY new approach and made me question the sincerity of my ambitions to be an entreprenuer, my career, and a host of other belief systems spoon fed to me since birth.

My family and most of those in my environment are EXTREME slow laners and side walkers. I was raised in a household where entreprenuership wasn't even mentioned. I saw my mother spending her youthful years laboring in the automotive plant for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. The most distinct memories of my childhood included her coming home exhausted, smelling like oil and self medicating by catching the last tidbits of Oprah.This was the highlight of her day and I thought this was all normal.Growing up it was go to school, get a good job, and save in a 401k. I felt going to college was an obligation and made it a mission to graduate just so I could make up for her sacrifices. I never thought of questioning the rationale behind it. I sipped the purple koolaid that convinced me that a degree would lead to a 70k figure salary directly after college. Although I now work a comfortable job as a developer I am waist deep in student loan debt and find myself coming home in the evening just as morally and mentally defeated as my mom did.

Furthermore, the book also made me realize how my beliefs about entreprenuership hindered my past ventures. Instead of creating real value for people I consistently chased a quick buck and foolishly called myself an "entreprenuer" because of it. I fell for silly get rich quick schemes, followed the herd and invested my small earnings into crypto during all time highs, paid for courses on udemy guaranteeing a 6 figure monthly salary (which I never seemed to finish by the way). I did all of this because I failed to understand a core concept I read in MJ's 1st book - There is quick money but there is no such thing as quick and easy money.

I am admittedly a work in progress. However, I have made a commitment to study aspects of business every day without fail. Right now I have about a hundred business ideas but I want to take my time and research whether they serve real value in todays market.

I look forward to learning and sharing more with you guys

Thank you

MJ DeMarco

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Killer intro. Thanks for sharing, so happy to hear that the books resonated with you. Hope to see more of you here ... remember, "Fastlane" and entrepreneurship is not something you "TRY" -- it's something you live!

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