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22 year old from Canada


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Dec 31, 2017
Happy new year! I am a 22 year old from Canada. My current income source is my career in the army and I spend almost all my "free" time trying to realize my dream of becoming financially successful.

A few hours ago, I stumbled upon this forum while Google searching for Tai Lopez's credibility. I read the 3 free chapters of TMF and I was instantly hooked! Immediately, I downloaded a kindle copy of the book and now I'm about half way through it.

I realize what this looks like given the timing of this post, but I assure you that I'm not a "resolutioner".

I have dedicated the last 2 years of my life trying to build wealth. While I haven't had much financial success yet, I have learned a LOT! I feel like this already puts me miles ahead of my peers, most of who are busy paying off student loans and/or being sidewalkers/slow-laners. I spent the early part of my journey being a slow-laner until I realized (without even reading TMF ) that I wanted to be wealthy NOW and not in 50 years. I began searching for ways others had achieved freedom, and I discovered that it was either through a talent, through inheritance or through building a successful business. The next six months were spent trying to build my businesses. I tried importing and reselling cheap Chinese junk on Amazon, I tried printing and selling T-shirts, I tried 3D printing stuff and selling it. All of these businesses failed to bring my any profits, but I never invested any more than $500 in any of these. $500 is way less than what my friends paid for a semester of university and I learned a lot more. And the best part is - I'm not even paying off any student loans! I currently have another variation of the 3D printing business and it's been far more profitable this time. After reading part of TMF, I realized that it doesn't quite fit the 5 commandments described in the book so I will need to adjust the business model a bit. But overall I'm just happy that I learned from my previous mistakes, applied what I learned and actually saw results from it!

Through this forum I hope to meet like minded individuals (who I can't seem to find in real life. You guys are unicorns) who will guide me in my journey to financial freedom. I also hope to give back in any way that I can! Thank you for reading!

Oh, and the welcome message said to tag him in my intro thread so - @MJ DeMarco
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