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video editing

  1. AnthonyK

    18-Year Old African-American Entrepreneur - Anthony Kume

    Hello Everyone, My name is Anthony Kume and I am a growing entrepreneur who is diving my feet into deep waters trying to find financial freedom. I am from Cameroon, and having discovered MJ Demarco's Millionaire Fastlane about 8 months ago, I am understanding more concerning the reality of...
  2. mikecarlooch

    Get 100,000+ New Eyeballs On Your Brand

    What does it take to get up to 1,000,000+ eyeballs on your brand? Some people may be thinking "1,000,000? I tried this social media thing and I've barely gotten a single view! What am I doing wrong?" Let me ask you a question - WHAT are you posting on social media? Is it structured for success...
  3. BigRomeDawg

    Grow Your Business With Our YouTube Growth Agency's Done For You Service

    Finally, A YouTube Growth Agency Who Knows What They’re Doing… And We’ll Give You The Plan To Blow Up Your Brand… for FREE. Dear Fastlaner, I’m looking for a dream client I can make the number one authority on YouTube in their niche. If you’re that client, I’ll personally help you build a...
  4. Jobei

    16 Years old, and need business ideas.

    I'm 16 I know how to code (1 year), and do video editing(1 year). I've read all of MJ's books multiple times and I'm ready to start a business. Web design seems really intriguing to me but I want to know other possibilities. So please let me know if you can help. Thank you for anyone who...
  5. Timmy C

    How to edit videos for free using Davinci Resolve

    I fiddled around with Loom and made a class with it. Thought this might help some of you with video editing. View:
  6. A

    How to add duration line under video and transcript.

    Hey y’all! Looking for some tips on how to add a line under my video that gets longer as the video progresses. Does anyone know what software is used to do that? Also, how does one add a transcript to their video that’s visible in the video? I know you could pay someone on fiverr to do this but...
  7. Lex DeVille

    Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

    What software do you use for video editing? Talking head videos in particular. I use Camtasia. It's designed for screen recording, but works for talking head. Problem's buggy and crashes a lot. Mismatches my voice with videos too. Not worth the $300 price tag. So I'm wondering what...
  8. ChrisV

    Practice project trying to learn video editing. My first video. I liked the results.

    Trying to expand my reach wit YouTube so I’ve been trying my hand at video editing, so I finally cracked open Final Cut. I’m happy with the results.. at least for a practice project. View: But I’ll take whatever compliments or criticism. Pretend...
  9. Evil_Jester

    Instagram/Video Editing -- Looking for Advice on Making $$$

    Wuddup fastlaners, here's my IG account: I'll share whatever info you guys want in exchange for advice on how I could make $$ with this style of video editing. I'll keep this first post short. Cliffs: -Made account on 1/20/18 -All whitehat marketing - no bots, no money spent -I have a content...

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