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stock market

  1. Vasudev Soni

    Unconventional Investments (What's Your Boldest Move?)

    Ever made any risky, innovative, out-of-the-box investments that paid off big time? Share your most daring financial moves, from the stock market to real estate to crypto to unique ventures. Anything that has paid off 10x, 20x, or even 100x. :bicep: Let's celebrate making smart investments and...
  2. Ryan Harun

    What is your starting point to learn financial literacy?

    I'm aware and really concern that I need to learn financial literacy to get wealthy but Im just wondering what was your starting point to learn such a stuff. Tell me more about your foundation and the most effective way to learn it, I need to learn from each and everyone of you. Please feel...
  3. A

    Forex, stock market, crypto which one is the best ?

    Hi guys it's the autismgenius here Alexis Autotte basically I came here to ask a question about your experience of investment what are your thoughts about the best market to invest. Basically, it's since 6 months and more that I am learning Forex on a demo account and I really want to start...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    Stock Market Discussion, Chat About the Latest Market Action

    HOT! CHAT 
    Thought it would be cool to have a separate stock market discussion thread, like the "Random Thoughts/Chat" thread -- this is the thread to post in if you want to discuss any stock market trading day, including any insights or forecasts you might have. Or, this is the place to post random...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Your 2022 Stock Market Predictions? Vote (Closed)

    Where will the 2022 stock market end up on Dec 31st, 2022? Please vote your thoughts and feel free to comment. For voting purposes, the stock market to predict is the Dow Jones Industrial Average... On Dec 31st, 2021, it looks to close around 36,000 Where will it be on December 21st, 2022?
  6. MJ DeMarco

    Post Your Stock/Option Picks, What are You Trading?

    Some folks have asked that we create a stock/option trading thread, a thread where you can post any stock or equity trade that you think is a winner. In the RANDOM CHAT thread, several mentioned Alibaba as a potential trade with high upside. I'll start... 5 months ago I bought 100 contracts...
  7. H

    Millionaire Fastlane book really motivated me

    Hello MJ, I don't know if you could read this but I want to thank you for the knowledge you had shared from your incredible book. I am just 26 right now and left corporate job as software engineer to pursue fastlane. Since college, I had been trading stocks and had been profitable. I had...
  8. A

    The Journey has began.

    I'm a member of this forum for almost 3 months now, it's time for me to share for the sake of accountability. Goals, gotta have them, right? I wan't to be free and out poverty, way out of it. I want to be free to pursue a music carrer (passion) and to live without constently being limited and...
  9. Lizjinx9

    Shifting focus from stock mkt investing to business

    I’ve wanted to own a business for as long as I can remember. In grade school I wrote a report on entrepreneurship by choice. When I was a kid I was a drummer so naturally my first idea was a music store. I later realized those all died when the online market took over. Since graduating high...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    Post Your Stock Picks: Massive Growth, Dividend, or Other!

    This forum has been around for 10 years and I can't believe I never started a "stock" thread. Guess now is as good as a time as ever. For those of you who dabble in the stock market for medium to long-term holds, what stock has piqued your interest? What stock do you foresee will be the next...
  11. SummerGladness

    Technical analysis, is it real? (Now w/a live experiment!)

    Hi guys, After reading up on some guys who trade crypto I've become intrigued about the validity of Technical Analysis for both cryptos and conventional stocks. From a rudimentary viewpoint I don't see how the past can predict the future. Trying to recognize patterns is fair but there seems...
  12. Eisenstein

    Next step!

    Hey guys! I am a 26-year-old student from Germany (soon to be graduated) and went through the Sidewalk to the Slowlane. So, first of all, I'm craving for a really rich and wealthy life (I hope it's okay to say it directly. In Germany you better don't say it loudly lol) with all opportunities...
  13. Soulrize

    Finally found a mountain to start my fastlane journey, Stocks

    I start this thread because after years of on and off commitment to investing in the stock market through day trades I have come to the realization I will use this method In order to start my journey. My experience in the market is very long (8 yrs + on and off) and with the advent of...