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stock market

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  1. M

    Post Your Stock Picks: Massive Growth, Dividend, or Other!

    This forum has been around for 10 years and I can't believe I never started a "stock" thread. Guess now is as good as a time as ever. For those of you who dabble in the stock market for medium to long-term holds, what stock has piqued your interest? What stock do you foresee will be the next...
  2. SummerGladness

    Technical analysis, is it real? (Now w/a live experiment!)

    Hi guys, After reading up on some guys who trade crypto I've become intrigued about the validity of Technical Analysis for both cryptos and conventional stocks. From a rudimentary viewpoint I don't see how the past can predict the future. Trying to recognize patterns is fair but there seems...
  3. Eisenstein

    INTRO Next step!

    Hey guys! I am a 26-year-old student from Germany (soon to be graduated) and went through the Sidewalk to the Slowlane. So, first of all, I'm craving for a really rich and wealthy life (I hope it's okay to say it directly. In Germany you better don't say it loudly lol) with all opportunities...

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