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  1. AgainstAllOdds

    Services I Overpaid For

    This thread is a braindump for anyone that has trouble seeing opportunity. Below I'll jot down a few services I recently paid for that I considered "good money" for the time, effort, skill set, and investment capital involved. Anyone that has recent examples, feel free to add on. Hopefully this...
  2. Process

    What’s The Most Decadent Service You’ve Ever Seen?

    I met a guy that is paid $50,000+ a head to train $150,000+ a yr personal chefs. The amazing part is he only specializes in luxury desserts. This just shows there is sea of money out there. What services have you seen?
  3. Roughneck

    Feedback on website - Cleaning Sevices

    At the moment I am helping my partner get a local cleaning business into motion, it has been established and has carried out a few jobs but looking to sustain some long term, reoccurring work - both residential and commercial cleaning. I am looking to do Adwords campaign shortly to see if we...
  4. astr0

    EXECUTION Failure is not an option

    Because the idea is boring, not very innovative/blockbuster but proven to work for me and others. Yet another software development company, with new knowledge/experience applied. !WARNING! TLDR Have some possible points of failure, but if that happens I'll just have to repeat with different...
  5. WJK

    Is there someone out there doing this?

    Tonight, an elderly friend was asking me if I know of anyone who will put his listing on ebay for him. He overwhelmed with trying to get his tires, with rims, listed on their site. I told him that I don't know of anyone off hand. I'd ask around for him. BUT, it's a wonderful business idea...
  6. R

    I launched two mobile app recently - Feedback welcomed

    Hello Friends, In my introduction, I had mentioned that I was working on 2 APPS, here they are. Both are Marketplace apps. Please give me your feedback, Good or Bad. B2B Business Services App App To Connect users with Business Service Providers Like Business Services, Office Services...

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