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scripted life

  1. N

    I Am 17 Years old , is my plan fine .....

    Hello, I'm Netra, a 17-year-old from India. In this part of the world, you can't just walk away from your studies. It's a whole ordeal—psychiatrists, scolding, slapping, even blackmailing by your parents. Completing at least a bachelor's degree is a non-negotiable expectation, and your...
  2. JuampiAAAJ

    How can I find my "Lambo"?

    Just the title... I'm a very basic guy who doesn't care about materialistic things or in financial freedom. I know that probably is stupid the part of financial freedom but I don't feel it. I'm 22 years old and I don't know why but I don't feel the burning desire for money or wealth Probably...
  3. wyattnorton

    Inaction Is A Slow Death

    How many times have you taken action, regardless of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. and it turned out to be the best for you? What have you taken action on? What have you not taken action on? Hope you enjoy the video. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
  4. RealDreams

    University has killed my vision

    Long story short, I started studying CS this year (after having dropped out from economics) and initially I was very excited. My vision was clear. However, 3-4 weeks ago the decline has begun. I started feeling less and less enthusiastic and realized that 85% of the things I was studying didn't...
  5. flyingdolphin

    If you think your college diploma is no longer worth it, do this

    Earlier today, I came across an article online that says a man burned all his certificates including his diploma. Talk about "I'm done with all this sh*t" and means it. My reaction, coming fresh from reading The Millionaire Fastlane, was "Damn right dude!". But I cannot find anything that...
  6. S

    The Hypocrisy

    Just watched Alux's video 15 Best Books to Get Rich where they put The Millionaire Fastlane as #3. If these people actually read these books, how in the world could they possibly put "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Money Master The Game" and many other penny-pinching slowlane books that preach...
  7. Connor

    Retirement Is Looking Bleak for Millennials...

    Don't think anyone else has posted this, but my apologies if I missed it. Further proof that the Script is a scam: To retire at 65, millennials will need to save nearly half of their paycheck Love how these percentages that the masses espouse use ridiculous assumptions, such as 10% average...
  8. PizzaOnTheRoof

    “You’ll Never Get Paid What Your Work Is Worth Unless You ASK”

    A thread from Reddits r/PersonalFinance from a business owner telling people they need to ASK for a pay raise and SHOW that they’re worth more. Reddit | You will never get paid what your work is valued at unless you ASK (I'm a business owner) Watch the scripted clusterf*ck ensue... Some gems...
  9. T

    My story: SCRIPTED living in education/academia

    I've read both books by MJ DeMarco for a while. However, because I am in a PhD program, the sunken cost was huge (at least in my mind) and I was reluctant to take any initiative to exit. Not meant to be ranting, but I feel like I am a poster child of SCRIPTED living, especially on the education...
  10. rebel dude

    Conforming the script and the seeders.

    hello, fasteners I just want to talk about the incident that happened to me yesterday. it went something like this. our school has arranged a career guidance programme for the commerce batch. a former student of our school was the speaker( a grown man with a badly maintained beard). first, he...
  11. Varun

    How to counter negativity from immediate family members(Script)?

    I'm from India, recently joined the family business. My two uncles are supportive, but my father and mother are heavily against it. We have retail and distribution both. My father's been telling me things like how the business has no future, it will split later, bigger players are coming...
  12. windchaser

    The importance of being true to yourself (and the power of choice)

    I would like to share with you my journey to the biggest lesson I have learnt during one of the darkest but most transformative phases of my life. It is what has finally enabled me to commit to the fastlane for good: no more excuses, no more fear. A little bit of context: My parents are quite...
  13. G

    The PTO Scam

    Time to vent. Here goes. As a member of a minority religion, I often feel the effects of the SCRIPT acutely when my community's religious holidays come around. Although I have what most would call a very good job, and I do enjoy many aspects of it, the trading time for money and liberty can get...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    Holy Sheet! A SCRIPTED Twilight Zone? (Black Mirror)

    From Black Mirror, Episode 2... Got caught watching this the other night and I found it to have many poignant SCRIPTED messages... about freedom, about being a drone, about our dependency on a system and the screens that run the system. Is this a fair representation of the SCRIPT in the...
  15. BeFound Faithful

    Tales From the Script

    Teachers pride themselves that they have tenure, meaning they cannot get fired without strong cause, and autonomy, they're the master of their own classroom, their own domain...until now. At the end of the last school year, in a local school district in California, two teacher friends near...