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  1. markussbaltais

    SaaS $1K+ MRR | How to Scale? | Advice Needed

    Hey! For the past few months, we have been building a B2B SaaS. It is is a subscription-based product and we provide our clients with weekly curated insights on their competitors from layoffs and new hires to market entries and changes in pricing. Our key advantage is that we use 80+ data...
  2. HJP

    How to get more 'premium' clients?

    Hi, Last year I started a web design company and it's been going pretty well. I've had a couple dozen clients, plenty of 5 star reviews and all is well. However I'd like to move to more 'premium' clients in the hopes of getting paid more per job, at the moment I am getting around £550 per job...
  3. uhhfeef

    Growing An Automation Business

    Hey all Maybe you've seen my other progress thread, maybe not. But that was a 6 month endeavour with a lot of life lessons I would never have learned if I never tried anything with the idea. My biggest lesson learned: build something people need. So that's what I plan to do now. I already...
  4. M

    How to properly scale a cleaning business

    Hi I’m currently doing house cleans for almost a year but would like to expand into end of lease, office cleaning and window cleaning. I have employees that’s been with me for a while for home cleans and have subcontracted some commercial kitchen, construction cleaning jobs and end of lease jobs...
  5. machinistguy

    The Secret to Scaling FAST: Bandaids, Bodyblows, and Headshots

    I went to a boxing class about a year ago where we were taught a new combo for the first half of the class, and then it was sparring the rest. Over the 10 rounds of sparring with my first partner, I learned a painful lesson really quick that I've since applied to business. Take the body blow...
  6. Vasudev Soni

    My Journey to a Million $ Software Business - Progress Thread

    I've been thinking about ways to bring some value to this forum and I think creating a progress thread about my software startup could provide some insight to members interested in starting a software business/startup and also help myself stay accountable for doing what I need to do. I have read...
  7. E

    Has anyone purchased aged FB Business Manager with unlimited daily ad spend from a reputable seller or rented an agency FB ad account?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! So far I have lost the times I have tried to make it work with my own Business Manager, I couldn’t even begin to warm up the account before I get restricted and have no idea how some people manage to scale their businesses in the millions so I am...
  8. iivalky

    What is The Best Way to Scale My Game Dev Business?

    Hi Fastlaners, You might know me from my introduction and/or article about lead developing multiple income producing video games. Rounded, I make $100/day (give or take) My question, to anyone familiar with marketing, scaling businesses, or even game developing is: How could I turn that $100/day...
  9. D

    The most important metric for any entrepreneur / scaling a business quickly

    Real talk. I keep it simple and straight. The most fundamentally important metric for any business growth is this one. Other things matter too but if you dont get this right, you just cant make a real business out of it. LTV:CAC ratio LTV= lifetime gross profit you make with a customer CAC=...
  10. Silk Cuba

    23 Year Old w/19 Employees: Just Did $5m in 2021, *OFFICIALLY A MILLIONAIRE* - AMA

    £3m (online) + £1m (offline) ~ approx $5.3m so far in 2021. Profit $1.5m+ First of all, THIS FORUM IS AMAZING. I only wish I had come across it sooner! Hoping to become an active participant adding value to this forum. Yesterday evening a random thought popped into my ahead, how amazing it...
  11. K

    Building a Beauty Empire. From 0 to 180k profit in 8 month and beyond

    Hi all. So this year has been a ride and Im thinking about writing a progress blogg to get input but also to organise my days. Maybe I will get some good advice and maybe others can get some ideas. This all started in june last year with my first business which was a beauty clinic where we...
  12. oogway888

    Challenge: Getting an initial audience before official launch; How to overcome it?

    Say you made Instagram. Your first competitor is Facebook. How do you get the initial audience? If I were a new user and saw Instagram - I would not engage on the site unless it has a large of audience already (eg; private networking where you have a beta test and somehow gathered thousands of...
  13. M

    A VC hit me up the other day to invest. What next?

    I need a decision making tree on when’s a good time (if ever) to scale business with the help of a VC or investor. I’m kind of against injecting external $$ at this phase (~3 years in), primarily so I don’t owe a lender long term. However, there is some legitimate opportunity at the present...
  14. BlackMagician

    (Help) Stuck in middle step of social media leads gen funnel

    One of my client is Dental equipment manufacturer like dental chairs etc. I have been doing social media management for them like managing and posting. 2 months back we discussed to start doing fb ads and email marketing. I created buyers persona, created lead magnet(free checklist for dentist)...
  15. mill0x

    Game Development Studio, growing slowly for a few years, looking for the Fastlane

    Hello Fastlane forum! I just joined the forum and recently finished reading UNSCRIPTED and wanted to introduce myself and share my story! Maybe you guys can give me some honest feedback. I found the book in a moment in my life where I am questioning everything, so a lot of things made me think...
  16. tonyf7

    Scaling a Service Business & Hiring a Coach

    With so much focus on internet companies these days I'm finding it less common to find good information out there on how to systemize and scale a local business. I own an appliance repair company and if I don't work tomorrow, I will not make money. I need to get past this stage. I posted...
  17. Walter Hay

    Starting a business with the intention of selling franchises.

    The outright sale of a business doesn’t often take place until it has been trading for a long period of time. This thread is intended to produce some ideas for those who see an opportunity to develop a business that could be saleable after a year or two of profitable operation. My point is...
  18. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    Well, I have become a serial business book writer. Three down, with at least one more residing in my brain. The 3 books so far are based on: A lifetime of success in sales and marketing, while designing, copywriting, and structuring all of my own advertising in both major businesses I...
  19. Sean Jackson

    Challenges Scaling Up

    As entrepreneurs we face a lot of issues when it comes to scaling our businesses. Currently I'm in the midst of organizing a consultancy after a failed partnership scaling a real estate firm. It was a titanic struggle in terms of vision between my partner and I. I learned a ton in regards to the...
  20. Dawn27

    Routes with scaling an Etsy business

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! I'm Dawn, and I literally finished reading TMF *this morning* but oh my god it completely cracked open my perspective on my business, and made me realise how seriously I need to get in the fastlane :) A little background (I'm not sure how much is appropriate...