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pyramid scheme

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  1. Process

    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    Intro I was working with a client and solved his technical problem smoothly. He went on to ask what else I'm doing for work and said I'm an easy person to talk to. Then, he said he's always looking to hire people to sell for him. We'll call him Chris. Picture a middle aged guy in a shirt, tie...
  2. S

    OFF-TOPIC World Financial Group (MLM/Pyramid Scheme)

    Where do I begin? So, my brother is 17-years-old, and we both have identical mindsets and goals we have set out to achieve in life. He has a job as a salesman for the Globe and Mail (a newspaper company) and was doing very well. He called this one lady who loved him as a salesman, but didn't...
  3. Fred Chevry

    RANT Pyramid Scheme 2.0

    From a Facebook ad on my feed... Who is JT FOXX JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist and the World’s #1 Wealth Coach. (Yes, they said #1 wealth coach in the world! Must be legit right?!! Let's see how he's going to "coach me" into wealth...) Do you want to be...
  4. C

    Stop joining MLM "opportunities" ... go Fastlane

    My Mom, my Dad, my uncles and aunts. Some friends, relatives, random aquantances have joined these MLM companies at some point in time, and some still are. While they all claim to be different they all sell the same thing, the false hope. The hope that someday you'll make as much as the guy at...

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