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  1. Johnny boy

    Small changes, big results (value discussion)

    (this was a reply to this post IDEA - MINDSET - RELATIVE value, not value ) In almost all things, you buy it before you experience or use it, so you are not even buying because of value or relative value until you go back to buy it twice, you are buying purely because of perceived value at...
  2. AlexanderFRG

    Unsure if i should ditch my business

    Hello guys! In short: I'm located in germany and started a physical products brand focused at Dachshund owners. My first product is called DorsusProtect. Dachshunds are because of their anatomy very prone to backpain, and the ingredients of DorsusProtect can avoid this medical issue in most...
  3. M

    How do I keep gaining income from this business model?

    Hey all, So cutting straight to the chase. I have this idea of creating a platform, that connects customer with specialist. The specialist is charging pr. session, so for every session, I'd like to take a cut, of course or somehow get profit out of every meeting they have. But how can I make...
  4. Addy338

    Earn or learn?

    I don't know what should I be doing? I am at an edge where either I can earn now or else won't get enough time to work on my CENTS. Should I start a building a business or earn some money to pay my monthly bills? Is there any way for me to do both at the same time? Can I think of creat those...
  5. eqttrdr

    I screwed up a really profitable business... now what?

    Will try to summarize a long story... Maybe people can learn from my mistakes.... Have a diet/weight-loss coaching membership site. Optimized front end/backend Optimized AOV and LTV... found best is one off diet program purchase with 2 one time offer upsells in the front end of the funnel...
  6. Seeker

    Profit Sharing Experience

    Yesterday my employer released the amount of Bonus or Profit Share every employee will receive this year. It was pretty interesting to watch the reactions of my colleagues as well as my own. Because of the social media style comments section in the intranet you get a pretty good feeling, what...
  7. Ronak

    Imagine the Possibilities: Real Numbers from 7 figure PROFIT businesses

    For those of you craving specifics on businesses and their numbers, you can gain a lot of insight by looking at businesses that are being offered for sale. It's quite shocking to see the variety of boring industries where people are making real money. Note the absence of the latest and greatest...
  8. Scot

    Profit First (by Michalowicz) - Does it work?

    The book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz was recommended through two podcasts I listen to, EOFire and Soloprenuer Hour. I decided to grab the audio book and check it out. Not only was it pretty funny to listen to, it was a really interesting take on business accounting. The basic premise of...