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pricing strategies

  1. srodrigo

    How do you price and create prices for your software offers?

    Say I'm building a piece of software to help developers jump into implementation and save weeks of setting up a new project by providing them with a code template builder. I'm struggling to think how to balance releasing an minimum version early and offering several pricing options at the same...
  2. Mr.Nichan

    Monthly payments, percentage on generated sales or a combination?

    I would like to know if you guys had any insights to share about pricing models? My business (outlined in my insiders progress thread in my signature) is based on getting companies to sign up and I present those companies in a marketplace app I have built and then consumers will buy from those...
  3. EdoardoZangi

    Should your prices be public?

    Relatively new here, I hope this topic is valuable and within the scope of the forum. I've been freelancing on the side, mixing music online for about a year. B2C creative services. Being my first business experience, I consumed every podcast, book and video I could access. I've always heard...
  4. mell0w

    Is my product too expensive?

    Hello forum, i run a website where i sell products to twitch & youtube livestreamers. For anyone interested, i sell gameshow overlays which you can include as a browsersource into your streaming software for example OBS or streamlabs. With these overlays you can host your own...
  5. Devampre

    Performance Based Pricing Offers Good or Bad?

    What are your thoughts on performance based pricing? I'm reiterating my one line offer for my ads and taglines and I've come to see these types of offers look a little something like this: I will X in Y or Z. X = the result I will deliver Y = the amount of time it'll take Z= the guarantee...
  6. Flint

    How to price your product

    In other thread, @Lyinx asked about pricing. This made me think about the topic and remained me of an interesting video (and actually a book). It's packed with insights and tested techniques to tackle the hot questions: How do you know you will monetise? and How to price your product? The talk...
  7. MidwestLandlord

    The Basics of Pricing

    @Vigilante mentioned in this thread how he set the price for his new book, and mentioned price points in consumer psychology: Vigilante's Book "Vigilant Kids" Step by Step I used to consult for a major fastfood chain, and was responsible for pricing with all new franchisee's in the USA. Figure...