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  1. B

    I studied Business Growth Strategies – here is the summary

    Everyone who followed this forum for a time will probably know a lot about what I am going to summarize here. Success is no accident. It is the result of logic and persistence. It follows specific rules and these rules can be learned. Many years ago, when I started my first full-time business...
  2. IceCreamKid

    Positioning: The difference between a $20 and $2000 product.

    I just got the commit for a deal that will yield me $140k/mo profit. I don't even have a company name or logo because this biz idea came to me 2 weeks ago. I made a bare-bones version of the product with Chat-GPT and pitched a demo to them a few days later. It still has bugs that need to be...
  3. JasperDeMuynck

    Please help me with my positioning! [Unique opportunity in return]

    Hi Fastlaners! I need help with my tagline. I wrote down 3 options: Helping ambitious entrepreneurs perform at their absolute best so they can effectively scale their business without sacrificing their personal life; Helping ambitious entrepreneurs maximize their performance and their...
  4. JasperDeMuynck

    Validating my USP - How to best help fastlane entrepreneurs

    Hi everyone! So I started my second business about half a year ago and I'm doing extra market research to validate my positioning. Would very much appreciate your opinion on my USP, so I can better help my target audience (which should include most of you guys (ambitious entrepreneurs)). To...
  5. L

    Specialist vs jack of all trades

    I've been consuming some content created by Jonathan Stark and he's got a really interesting idea about position yourself more easily by narrowing down to a single niche that consists of profitable companies and becoming a specialist that aims at solving problems companies in this niche are...
  6. kevcon80

    Am I disobeying the Commandment of Entry? Help me decide which client segment to pursue

    Hey there. I have a SaaS business I am starting, a learning tool for people who are learning to code. It helps you learn the syntax and the underlying concepts much faster than any other form of note-taking I have experimented with - physical writing, electronic notes, and even following along...
  7. Andy Black

    Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump

    I was asked this a while ago: If you were to start your business from scratch, how would you approach prospecting? Given that you don't cold call. And you don't know many people in the business world to "spend your money on diesel and coffee" with. And you've already reached out to your friends...
  8. S

    How to scale a life coaching business? 6 years doing 1 on 1.

    Hey ladies and gentleman, i'm glad i've come across this forum, i've been watching alot of Demarco's videos and reading alot on the forum, i know of the C.E.N.T.S checklist, but am struggling to figure out which way to scale my life coaching business. till this point i have done pretty well...
  9. Andy Black

    Do you know what makes you referable?

    Do you know what makes you referable? 1) You turn up on time. 2) You have manners (say please and thank you). 3) You do what you said you were going to do (or at least let people know if things are slipping). 4) You're competent. (Dan Sullivan) Notice how only one of those is your actual...