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payment processing

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  1. Lucky Lu

    Credit Card Online Payment Service

    Hi guys. I need some input from you experts on these online matters. I need to install a payment platform for a client in order for his customers be able to pay online using credit cards for services provided internationally. The LLC is based in the US, they are going to commercialize for their...
  2. ApparentHorizon

    WEB/DIGITAL How to Process Merchant Payments on Your Platform?

    I have an online platform that's taking root and getting some attention from people who I'd rather not deal with directly. Currently its managed by a few VAs and I come in to deal with the sellers from time to time. The platform uses Stripe to take payments and the merchants get paid through...
  3. JAJT

    Accepting Crypto Currency (AKA Bitcoin) for Payments?

    Setting up my shopify store for the new venture and I came across a section titled "alternative payments" which is basically a list of crypto-currency solutions: - BitPay - Coinbase - GoCoin - MultiSafepay - G2A Pay - FuturePay - LAY-BUY Powered by PayPal - Alipay Global Does anyone have any...
  4. Ultra Magnus

    WEB/DIGITAL Should I test my payment integrations before launching? If so, how?

    I have a WooCommerce store set up on my sales letter page. I installed integrations for PayPal and Braintree, the latter of which was a purchased plug in, while the former was just offered as a standard payment option in WooCommerce. I went through the process of having my accounts vetted by...

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