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  1. Kyle T

    One Day at a Time: A Message to Forum Newbies

    "I am not there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday..." I joined this forum less than 6 months ago and this post is specifically for other newbies who are browsing this forum. There are on only 2 things that you have to do in order to be successful in using this wonderful place. Read...
  2. RazorCut

    New Here? Why you should read first and ask questions later..

    I was going to post this in response to a specific thread but thought other new members might get some mileage out of it so I have expanded upon it and put it out in the open. What promoted this post was a new member asking these questions within a thread: "Really how can I find a product...
  3. Busybee22

    Hello World!!

    Hi everyone, my name is Ashley and I am new to the forums. I have been intro entrepreneurship now for 3 years, trying different things here and there until I find what I really want to do. I am passionate about a few things, like theater for example, and am wishing to pursue those as well. I am...
  4. SteveO

    Lots of Newbies... Let's take it easy on them while they learn

    Hey Gang, The new book is bringing new people to the forums. Many of them are reading the information and attempting to grasp the concepts. For some people, this process takes a long time. There are a lot of beliefs that come with the scripted life and most cannot just toss these ideas out...