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network marketing

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  1. Lenin

    EXECUTION MI HISTORIA Y SITUACIÓN ACTUAL - Negocio en el rubro construcción o cambio a otro tipo servicio?

    Greetings to everyone from Lima, Peru, I am Lenin, and this is my first publication, as they say, a thread of progress to see my progress in this race towards Financial Freedom and wealth, which is one of my main goals Currently, and also other entrepreneurs can study my case, help them in...
  2. OutofPoverty

    FAILURE Discover how I made $143.33 in one month!

    From October 3, 2018 - October 27, 2018 I had a commission only job selling Verizon Fios where the business model was network marketing. It was a "marketing company" aka direct marketing (face to face). I didn't receive my paycheck until November 2, 2018. The Failure Long story short, I worked...
  3. O

    INTRO Just wanted to say hello there :)

    Hello Everyone, Hope that prosperity is walking with you daily. I am in here to learn and hopefully contribute to the community. I am working with a local publication and a Facebook business page. I am trying to grow my reach to give my clients an abundace of leads and jobs. Technology...
  4. W

    Getting some Money from MLM but Still Struggling!

    Hi guys, just asking advice to fellow entrepreneurs. I know MLM isn't quite good for fastlane but I'm using this to support my ventures (plus working 9-5 job) and all the money will go to invest in my projects. I have some people in my network, making some money , it's a long hustle all day...
  5. ScottRams

    Is MLM so bad?

    Hello everyone. An old colleague of mine just approached me with a business opportunity to work for World Financial Group / Transamerica. Does anyone have experience with these companies or this opportunity? He's doing extremely well (18k last month) and has been at it for a little less than 2...
  6. AlessioLC

    Real Estate Agent - MLM Model

    Hi Fastlaners, I was wondering what's your thought on the MLM based model for Real Estate, used by Keller Williams and many others.. ? I mean, can we trust this type of businesses specially in this industry ? Can we trust this business model in itself ? I've met 2x Team leaders just in order...
  7. thereehldeal27

    HOT TOPIC Anyone involved in Worldwide Dream Builders/Amway?

    I'm being recruited and going to speeches of apparent rich people who got rich off the business. There seems to be a big draw for this business in the area. I was at an event at the Convention Center the other day and there was a MASSIVE amount of people. Then I went to this thing at Hilton...
  8. M

    INTRO New Member intro

    Hello. My name is Maria and I joined this forum to network with other home business owners. I've tried various MLMs over the years but I wasn't successful. This summer I decided to invest in myself and my business. I changed my approach to my business through learning attraction...
  9. A

    LANDFILL Is Digital Altitude a Scam or Hype Business?

    Hey guys just asking if any of you know Digital Altitude company? Is it network or affiliate marketing ? Here the website: Digital Altitude - Learn To Build A Digital Business And Elevate Your Income — Digital Altitude I see many marketers are promoting it on the internet, but I think the...
  10. J

    MEETUPS Introduction thread..Phoenix Entrepreneurs

    Hey gang, After getting some slack about failing to provide an introduction post, here it is: My name is Keith. I am a 31 yr old African American man with a wife and one son. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan where my mother, father, and sister (two nephews, one niece) lives. I...
  11. C

    Stop joining MLM "opportunities" ... go Fastlane

    My Mom, my Dad, my uncles and aunts. Some friends, relatives, random aquantances have joined these MLM companies at some point in time, and some still are. While they all claim to be different they all sell the same thing, the false hope. The hope that someday you'll make as much as the guy at...

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