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EXECUTION MI HISTORIA Y SITUACIÓN ACTUAL - Negocio en el rubro construcción o cambio a otro tipo servicio?

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Dec 4, 2018
Greetings to everyone from Lima, Peru, I am Lenin, and this is my first publication, as they say, a thread of progress to see my progress in this race towards Financial Freedom and wealth, which is one of my main goals Currently, and also other entrepreneurs can study my case, help them in whatever way they can, and without them being much better since we will be able to communicate more directly.
A little about me until today:
I am 27 years old, I live with my partner, I was born in the province, I currently live in this big city that is Lima.
I have a business as an independent, as a contractor in the field of construction, I have 2 workers who support me in the part of making the facilities and we do divisions, rooms, apartments, ceilings and ceilings with drywall. I have been in this type of business for 7 years, I have lived quietly with the income that has given me, and in that time I have also done many things.
One of the things that I have never stopped doing is always to be researching, reading and studying about how to achieve a better life and prosperity. At that time I tried to achieve financial freedom with 4 marketing network companies, I learned a lot, a lot, to lose shyness, fear, talk with people, good habits, I met many people, I learned about good health, about finances, about leadership , but I did not achieve my objective, which was financial liberty or achieve riches, it was very far from that. (When I read the book TMF I realized why). I also invested $ 10,000 in a coffee shop, retaurant, which I later closed and lost most of that money. My art or sport if you could say it is dance, especially bachata genre and in that time I also engaged with my girlfriend.
I see that my current business has the potential to make it grow, although I do not have it very clear yet, that is why I sometimes consider the idea of changing to another service, or creating a product or a book, because I think they are good on the subject of books.

Returning to my business, I realize that it covers a real need for people in the housing sector, because many people want more space to live. In the entry order that is easy to enter, since I only provide installation services, I do not manufacture materials, and therefore anyone could do it, although you need experience both in the technical part as to search and customers and sell them the service . Apart from that it is not such a beautiful activity, but rather boring in uncomfortable.
According to the commandments of control, I see that if I have control, the business is mine, and once a contract is made with the client, most of the work is done by the operators without being so aware.
On scalability, I'm working, stagnant, it's difficult to reach thousands of clients, less than millions, because it's a business of more magnitude, and the way to serve thousands of clients would be to hire project sellers, who also manage the works, and hire more workers or technicians. But until now I can not take that leap, what do you suggest? And in the commandment of time, sometimes work is tired, because you have to see many details, but as I said, once the contract is made with the client, most of the work is not done by me, but by the technicians , my job is to supervise that everything is fine and look for more clients. But I'm not clear how this could eventually work almost 100% without me. I also advise on this, please.
Well that's a bit of my story, my goal is to be a prosperous businessman, with financial freedom, writer and lecturer. I already have a business in progress, I am a reader of personal growth books since I was 15 years old, and I mastered a skill that seemed difficult to dance, dance, which gives me very good moments. I also like to travel, and I already traveled to Mexico, Colombia and Panama.

I am very aware of your suggestions and advice, thank you very much in advance.
I have recently bought the TMF book in Spanish, in digital, from Google Books. Thank you MJ for your message illumination.


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