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  1. I

    INTRO Hi

    I am not a Christian, but I serve this sentence. FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT A MATTER OF TALK BUT OF POWER - 1 CORINTHIANS 4:20 That's all. PS; I don’t pay much attention to there, so Don't leave me anything.
  2. A

    INTRO Hello/hola!

    Hi, my name is Micah. I am currently blessed with a lot of time, an MBA, ability to live/move anywhere, and seed cash. I am looking for my next profitable adventure. Years ago, I had an SEO business employing people around the world. But now I need a new direction and in the field I enter, I...
  3. OneLifeOneChance

    INTRO The 19 year old that's gonna go from nothing to EVERYTHING

    Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me join this forum! I am super excited about everything omg. I've just read The Millionaire Fastlane and WOWWW, this is one of those books that I know can change your life. I've only had one other book that has also changed my life that I'm currently...
  4. Adebobajo

    INTRO Found inspiration and wish others do too.

    Hi Am Martins by name. After grad I found no employment and was frustrated to get one at all cost but futile so I started reading books to get ideas about new things that I could embark on, then I found TMF the ideas were raw yet I did little about it then I found UNSCRIPTED ever since I did I...
  5. R


    Can you guide me Is it a good idea to work a full time job to provide rent money and exc.. and hustle at the side and is medecinal foods a good idea to build on a project , plz
  6. R

    INTRO Introduction

    Hello i'm a student and im new here , i hope to get the knowledge i need to be like you
  7. M

    INTRO Leaving the Slowlane, trying not to get killed in the Fastlane.

    Greetings. So, per the instructions, here's my story. If it's too much, I apologize. Talking about myself is not something I do often, so I'm not too good at it. Back in the 1990's I was running in the slow lane when I met my first Entrepreneur, Doc Smith. He was "retired" and told me about...
  8. C


    I posted yesterday that I'd be back with another thread about the progress I've made. And I'm happy to conclude that day 1 was....... A somewhat complete failure. After I posted my intro thread yesterday, i decided that i would wake up at 5 A.M., since that seems to be the time all high...
  9. C

    INTRO Hello, MJ

    To start off, thank you or whoever approved this account. its really nice to finally speak to you. My name is Christopher. I'm 19, hate the idea of serving a corporate boss instead of serving the market with my ambitions, and want the next generations of my family to never endure the pain of...
  10. Billion_!n_a_r

    INTRO Need an advice

    Hi guys I'm New here just joined it's good to be seeing soo many motivated people's around I'm going to stick around and I'm going to learn please support
  11. D

    INTRO First step

    Hi...I am working in a company as a slowlane worker. Before a month I don't even have a dream about what I want to do in life. I dont have any goals, any talent, any extraordinary skills. I thought wealth is only to people who have talent and born rich. Very ordinary people like me don't have a...
  12. M

    INTRO Good Morning!

    Hi Everyone, Just joined The Fastlane Forum. I’m a sole trader based in the UK, running a small Bid Consultancy designed to introduce SMEs to competitive tendering. I look forward to meeting some amazing entrepreneurs here! Thank you and have a great day!
  13. Xav243

    INTRO Hello to all current and future millionnaire entrepreneurs!

    Hi Everyone and Hi @MJ DeMarco , My name is Xavier, I’m a 37-year-old French guy living in Belgium. I almost finished reading Unscripted and this is how I heard about this forum. I am wondering whether I should read also Fastlane as in I had the impression Unscripted was a better version, more...
  14. R

    INTRO Roebuck from UK - Introducing myself

    Hi everyone, I'm Roebuck, based in the United Kingdom and in my mid 30's. Happy to join this forum. Looks like an interesting place to be and I'm looking forward to delving deeper into its content and reading the recommended books, Millionaire's Fastlane and Unscripted. I work in the HR and...
  15. Pr0ducer maniac

    INTRO I am new!

    Hi, I am a 17 years old french canadian. English is not my first language. I read both of your books. I am grateful for your work. I am an aspiring entrepreneur.
  16. Juke

    INTRO Slowlaner making the shift to the Fastlane, but first... Intellectual Property Rights & Employment Contracts...

    Hi Fastlane forum, I've just joined the forum after recently discovering MJ's books and reading them back to back. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a world my heart has been trying to tell me about for years. I'm excited (and scared) to make a change now. Having read the books I can...
  17. oldboy

    I need a mentor and i also provide a time rescue advice

    Hy, I will not take much of your time since i get it how much important time is. Im writing a book but in order to have the impact i want i need some advices from someone who did it. I want to build a site in order to support my book. Should i finish the book first and start the site...
  18. guerric

    INTRO A frenchy on the Highway of Freedom !

    Hello everyone, I am freshly registered so I will introduce myself: I am from France where I live in a small town near Bordeaux (city of wine!) I have a wife and 2 children. I am currently a physicist and I am converting myself and I am passionate about computer security, guitar (blues) and...
  19. Bonzica

    INTRO Hello everyone

    My name is Ana-Maria and I m from Romania . I have studied midwifery and after working one year in the field, I have decided to move to Uk a few years ago. Plan was to work as a midwife for 2-3 years, get experience/ knowledge then go back home and make some changes in our maternity. We have...
  20. Z

    INTRO Happy to be here!

    Hey Guys, My name is Zach and I am excited to join this forum. I have a job I actually like but I am also not satisfied at the pace of earning potential either. Recently I invested in a business and running it with all my spare time trying to accelerate my path to millionaire status. I joined...

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