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  1. wyattnorton

    Attention Losers...

    In the past 6 years of flipping houses (4 with my pops and 2 on my own), I have my fair share of stories about the loser contractors I have dealt with. The losers that you run into in southern Illinois are bountiful. If you want to hire one solid guy who shows up and does the work correctly...
  2. TKDTyler

    The Value Add Challenge

    In the spirit of continual fastlane mentality development, the concept of providing value should permeate everything around you. Friendships, customers, jobs, business, you name it - there is value to be served on a platter. Interestingly enough, providing interpersonal value follows a similar...
  3. Lex DeVille

    Bad Day At The DMV...

    Stopped by the DMV a little bit ago. It was renewal registration time. Seems like people hate the DMV. I've hated it in the past..when I had a job. Time slips by. Money lost. You never have all the paperwork they need. But the DMV isn't so bad anymore. Didn't have to fit them into my break...
  4. cutthroughstatic

    SCRIPTED encounters: see the world through a new lens

    Background: I own and operate a small dealership. I was finishing up a deal, and collected the customer's insurance info (he's 19 or 20). $300/mo insurance for a vehicle with a payment of $370/mo. "Have you shopped this around?!" I was shocked. The mom chimes in: "It's part of being an adult...
  5. Michael Greene

    Should a shift in mindset be a conscious effort?

    I've read a lot and heard a lot of authors and motivational speakers talk about changing your mindset. No doubt it's a vital step to creating legitimate change in your life. I'm just curious, from your experience, is it a process or an event? I just ask because most of the time when I hear...
  6. million$$$smile

    Remember that guy in 'Forrest Gump'...

    Remember that guy in Forrest Gump that followed Forrest as he was running across the country and all of a sudden Forrest stops, turns around and says "I think I'll go home now" and that guy freaks out and shouts "NOW WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO???" Don't be "Running on Empty" (Jackson Browne)...