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market entry

  1. Alfonso.Chacon

    Trying to find some directions on how to grow our business

    Hi I'm an Electronics Engineer with a PhD in microelectronics (VLSI), that for the past 20 years has been mostly in academia in Costa Rica. In 2021, due to some alignment of the stars (cannot find a better explanation), my partners and I landed a business selling staff augmentation services to a...

    Invented product

    How to introduce to the world about Invent ed product ?
  3. EngineerThis

    Build it and they will come? Or Market now?

    Hey everyone, I'm 27 make 70k annually and live in Michigan in my vintage schoolbus.. My dream is to purchase an existing RV park in the South West US, with the goal of turning it into a more nomadic safe haven, where we can host large events, have a market, and admit the general public for...
  4. kevcon80

    Am I disobeying the Commandment of Entry? Help me decide which client segment to pursue

    Hey there. I have a SaaS business I am starting, a learning tool for people who are learning to code. It helps you learn the syntax and the underlying concepts much faster than any other form of note-taking I have experimented with - physical writing, electronic notes, and even following along...
  5. A

    Is there a Need for My Product

    My idea is to modify the electromagnetic breaks on roller coasters to work on cars and trucks. My question is this: how should I test the need for this product? I know that people will say an idea "is great" when you ask them, but when actual money is involved that's when people tell you what...
  6. 100k

    How To Break Into A Competitive Market!

    There's already a great gold thread on the subject by the ice cream kid that you should check out if you haven't already - but here's another entrepreneur that shares his knowledge on the subject that you'll want watch. Enjoy & share your thoughts below. TL;DR..... Find the main pain point /...