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logo design

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  1. Taktik

    How to get a good logo on a tight budget?

    I have an idea for a brand and already found a name. Now I need a logo. The problem is, that I don't have much money to invest. I would do it myself, but I have no experience with grafic design ... I could learn it, but that would take some time and feels a lot like action faking. I already...
  2. StefanoUP

    Logo design - feedback appreciated :-)

    Dear Fastlaners, We are currently building our service and are also in the decision phase concerning the Logo of our company. I would like to ask for your opinion through this poll. The options are: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Please keep in mind that all logos will...
  3. U

    Test Your LOGO for Free

    I get so many messages on different online platforms to review business logos. You dont have to be a brand expert to do it yourself. This is not a full test but it will help you A LOT! Two tests: 1. Logo should work no matter how you resize it 2. It should work just in black color on white...
  4. U

    HOT TOPIC Help me with logo

    I've been reading this forum for some time and this is my first post here. I'll start online store soon. Selling small car gadgets. I need to decide on a logo. I was thinking something like the picture below. What do you guys think? Is this style good?
  5. U

    Get Logo for FREE!

    Hi, Some of you know me as a Logomet and you've already seen my work. Recently I did a complete rebrand of the service. The new name is Blooform! I found some good stuff on this forum and I want to give back a bit as a rebrand celebration. I'll design a professional logo for one of you...
  6. U

    Free Work To Get New Clients

    Hello, As many of you already know, I do logo design and branding for companies. I decided to try a new way of finding leads and clients which will include a free work. There are many good Instagram accounts from 150k - 1M followers. I reached out to couple of them to make a logo for them in...
  7. U

    Selling an eBook

    I offer logo design and branding service and I was thinking to create something that will give me passive income (doesn't have to be a lot). Probably it wont be a 100 pages, it will be more of a short guideline or list of really solide advices (couple of pages). I have to ideas for ebook: 1...
  8. U

    Tips for your business logo design

    Hi, hope this is the right place to post. I do branding for businesses and startups. Logo is actually very important even for advertising, marketing and social media. Here are some easy tips if you're looking to get logo designed: 5 year olds can remember it It's not good if you can't see...

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