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  1. Hvazquez07

    Here's How To Win At Facebook Ads And Build An Audience FAST

    Hey guys, I thought I'd start by contributing something that has been working really well for me over the past 60 days when it comes to Facebook ads. Many of you have a product or a service that requires some sort of education (you're a digital marketer, a consultant, a fitness coach, or you...
  2. Ankerstein17

    Do I need a Disclaimer?

    Hey, guys, it's been a while since I last posted on this forum! I hope everyone is doing well in their ventures. I have a question and or concern that I could use some help with. But before that, let me provide a little background to what I am doing and what industry because I think...
  3. eqttrdr

    Email Marketing- Lead Capture

    Have a great lead magnet that has been extremely well received thus far on social media that I have been running an ad giving it away in exchange for an email. Here's the dilemma. In trying to build a great email list which would you choose being that the ads are being shown to targeted...
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