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  1. RobertKV

    INTRO Mind and Methods

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for the opportunity to be here. My name is Robert, and I am from the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. I have read The Millionaire Fastlane twice and Unscripted once. These books gave me great inspiration. My main goal here is to exchange ideas, views, strategies...
  2. Bitz

    Ideas = Assumptions ...How to validate?

    You have all have great ideas. You know those innovative business revelations that no one else has thought of or has executed on. You know the market. You thought out your brilliant idea. Maybe you even wrote a detailed outline on how it will work. You do a keyword analysis. You vet out your...
  3. Overdrive

    Torn between two mentors with opposite viewpoints on startup process

    Hi! Not sure if the general folder is the right place for this thread and sorry if this is going to be a long post. But I really need some advice, guys. Some background first: So I’ve been sitting on a startup idea now for almost six months (basically since I’ve been a member on this board)...
  4. Jurad

    INTRO Crashed again... unmotivated...

    I left my job over a year ago to focus on my new project that was getting to the point where it would interfere with my job. I have since spent more time taking advantage of my freedom than i have focused on my "passion" that I left my job for. I came back here to get re-energized and...
  5. Baku85

    Testing product idea

    Hello, wanted to ask about LEAN method I think. Im familiar with it, even read book few months ago about it, but Im not sure if I good understood everything.. In general I want to start selling some product(s), which is in idea step now of course. Plan is to sell it via own e-shop + to local...

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