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  1. G

    Probably the most in-depth interview with a patent attorney, 2024. (Asking HARD questions)

    So these guys (yes I'm one) are inventors who have both brought a product to market. They interviewed an LA patent attorney and asked all the hard and dumb questions on inventors minds. It's a long one so it may be a better commute listen! [REMOVED] Hope this helps! And just a note; This is...
  2. J

    Software Dev Mock Interviews with past/present hiring managers from development companies

    Hey everybody, I was hoping to get some feedback on this idea. Good or bad let me hear it! Audience: Software Developers trying to get a job/struggling with interviews Main Idea: A service that provides mock interviews/technical interviews on zoom (lockdown browser for technical interview...
  3. J

    Does anybody know an entrepreneur I can interview?

    I'm a 16-year-old who's been on self-improvement for 2 years and now, for a variety of reasons, I want to be an entrepreneur. The point is that I'm unable to be an entrepreneur right now for 2 main reasons: Given that I'm 16 I need juridical permission from my parents in order to be able to...
  4. C

    Bootstrappers for a small interview WANTED!

    Hello Guys, I am a current master student at the Rotterdam School of Management. I have been studying entrepreneurship for 3 years now. Currently, I am pursuing my master degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship and will try to work with star-ups later on. For my last course, I am doing...
  5. foodiepersecond

    Entrepreneur Podcast

    I was wanting to start an entrepreneur podcast with a twist. I was curious what questions you would want to hear from such a podcast both as an entrepreneur and someone from the outside. Is there a sweet spot on the length of the podcast and frequency? For those who have been on podcasts, were...
  6. D

    Grant Cardone is off his rocker...

    I really enjoyed GC in the past, however, after his Jordan Belfort interview I lost all my respect for him. Jordan ripped him to Shreds... GC sole purpose on his show was to rip JB apart, but JB is quick on his feet and a master conversationalist, completely owned GC. To make things even...
  7. Martin Boeddeker

    Interview With Eliquid: How Start A Business From Scratch (+His Best Advise for SEO)

    Hi, last year I interviewed @eliquid for my Podcast. I've never learned so much from a single Interview. If you liked MJ's Unscripted book you'll love what Jason shares in this interview. He is probably the best real life model of the unscripted philosophy I've ever encountered. If...
  8. D

    An interview with you for a potential publication in the Boston Globe

    Hello again! I know MJ's books had touched all of our lives and some of you were able to change your lives around and transition to the fast line life. I have a little background in writing articles for newspapers and blogs. And for my journalism & media course, I want to write an article that...
  9. ApparentHorizon

    Any fans of Kevin O'Leary? Words of Wisdom from Mr. Wonderful

    tl;dw - Be able to fire your mother - Fire non-fits (cultural, attitude, public perception) in your company. Different from non performers - Be able to explain your idea SIMPLY in 60-90 seconds - Invest in teams that solve for the leader's weaknesses - - Great entrepreneurs know their weakness...
  10. Niptuck MD

    Great interview about a F U fastlaner

    Great concepts to harness in your journey to fastlane- one of my role models whom I hope to meet soon through my mentor. Mulk Holdings International View:
  11. S

    The Student Entrepreneur

    Hi all! My name is Sunil. I'm a sales and business specialist currently studying a Bachelors in Applied Entrepreneurship through the University of Canberra and Ducere online. (yes - such a course exists finally). I'd love to go into detail about my background and who I am, but I might save...
  12. F

    My new Youtube Channel

    Hi Community! This is my first post in this forum. For a long time I was silent reader: D How do I quickly build up reach. Of course I do the usual things like delivering regular content, commenting on other channels and trying to make high-quality videos (I'm still learning: D) My idea was...
  13. Claude Roy

    Another great interview with MJ (He's on fire)

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share with you another really interview with MJ for a podcast named "KnowldegeForMen" (really applies to anyone). The interview is really interesting with really good tips and really interesting concepts like the feedback loop. Hope you enjoy ! Have an amazing day...
  14. Claude Roy

    MJ Interview on Simple Programmer !

    Hey guys, I just saw an interview of MJ on one of my favorite YouTube channel and I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with you guys. I was so pleased to see the interview in the same week that I joined the FastLane forum ! The interview talks about mindsets that are shared in the...
  15. Alexander Seery


    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well... I have been working on a project and would love some feedback from entrepreneurs... Ultra-Preneur® is my new brand where I interview the worlds most successful and inspiring millionaire entrepreneurs on their business, story, personal development and...