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instagram management

  1. U

    Lets grow Instagram accounts together

    Hello all, I know many of you already heard of engagement groups on IG. I’ve just got added in one new one. The rules are pretty simple...someone send their new post to the group and other members like it and write some non spam looking comment...if someone post an image of a car, others...
  2. jesseissorude

    Where to Start with Instagram 2019

    About me: I've been using Instagram since the first year it came out, but only with a personal account. I didn't want strangers following me, just friends. The app itself was all I ever needed for liking, commenting, and adding my own media. Now that I'm trying to grow a business profile, I'm...
  3. Ziad

    Instagram Management: Cold Call my way to 100 clients

    Hey everyone. Most of you know me from my Instagram threads on this forum. I've finally set up a team of my own to be able to handle more clients. I am going to be cold calling 30 businesses every single working day and ask them if they need an Instagram manager. I will be charging $850...
  4. Ziad

    Instagram Management: How I manage a few clients' Instagram and make almost $8k/month

    Hello! Boy, it's been a while since I posted here! I was never an avid poster here but I did post often on my threads here. About Me I've been in the Instagram game for several years now, and I always believed it to be a gold mine for businesses, especially the new ones starting out, for...