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idea analysis

  1. R

    Dating app for teens... Feedback on this idea?

    So I was just on Reddit and there was this guy using the magic "I wish" word 'I wish there was a dating app for teens' and I thought hmm? that could be a really good idea so I went ahead and looked anywhere for any kind of dating app for teens and turns out there is none! so we have a gap in the...
  2. Asap_Luca

    e-com plan subscription to luxury brands

    Hello everyone! How you doing? So, I'm putting out a lot of ideas and i'm trying to get the most out from them. Basically i see that a lot of people, especially girls and boys here in Italy who have a classic 9-5 job, they 're not earning a lot to dress like they would, since everyone, almost...
  3. A

    Product Idea feedback request: App to monetize short video chat meet and greets (celeb/influencer/trades etc)

    Hello......would welcome thoughts on an app that allows anyone to monetize short video chat meetings (say 1 -10 minute duration....). Could be from celebs to different trades that when that have a few minutes available, they could mark themselves available and take calls at a set price. thoughts?
  4. Stan_

    Do most brochures suck? And would I be able to fix it?

    I've struggled to find a business idea for over 2 months now and I've ended up jokingly searching "Brochure design" through Keyword Planner (recommended by Demarco in his book, thank you) thinking "I'll just make some little brochures to make a living". In my surprise I found out that MANY...
  5. Ian Thompson

    Build it and they will come? Or Market now?

    Hey everyone, I'm 27 make 70k annually and live in Michigan in my vintage schoolbus.. My dream is to purchase an existing RV park in the South West US, with the goal of turning it into a more nomadic safe haven, where we can host large events, have a market, and admit the general public for...
  6. L

    Business Idea, is it on the good track ?

    Hello everybody, I live in Switzerland and I'm a huge airsoft fan, and I noticed that there is a problem with the airsoft market, here in Switzerland. First of all, airsoft guns are considered real guns, therefore the legislation forbids to buy in foreign countries without making a long...
  7. Bbenn30


    So I currently manage a hardware store, I have found there's a pretty regular problem that I think happens fairly often in retail settings. I have a pretty good idea on how to fix it. My question for the nice folks here is... how do I verify my idea? I would be willing to prototype my fix but is...
  8. B

    What Am I Not Considering?

    In this pandemic era, I often run into signs where fast food businesses are closed for the day because they don't have enough (or any) workers. Here in the U.S., the entitlement mentality (and government handouts) cause many able bodied people to not work because they want instant...
  9. Ismail941

    Comedy Scene ->converts into-> Business Context Scenario

    Okay, It was Saturday Night. I was watching some comedy videos on youtube. I came across this comedy/parody video. I have watched this video many times and clicked on me because of Fast Lane Forum and Books. I hope Demarco allows me to post this. I am not trolling I promise. Video LINK...
  10. deadevil

    Business Ideas in Non-Congested Markets

    Hi everyone, I am based in the UK and have tried a couple side hustles which I thought would do well, but have ultimately been less spectacular. Namely: 1) Freelance - I do some freelance work as a software developer, but find it difficult to compete with pricing with developers in say India...
  11. lordchriscole

    Whats you guys opinion on this idea?

    A sizing platform that combines a database of garment ,fit information and consumer preferences to help users find there sizes in there favorite brands. we will make money by charging retail brands a affiliate fee when our users purchase because of our platform. This will be a % of the sale or...
  12. deliux

    App to book hairdresser/barber/nail specialist in 15min!

    Hi fastlaners! Recently I have been brainstorming on new idea - app that shows hairdressers(more specialist in future) in your area and availability that allows for customers book an appointment in few clicks. Beneficials for customers: No need to call and ask for availability as it is...
  13. C

    Totally confused about Idea/Solution validation for SaaS. Please help out

    Hi all, I'm a software engineer and I want to start my own SaaS business. I've understood that I should validate the idea before writing a single line of code. And here the nightmare begins for me. Last time I had a business idea: - I don't know, how I could convince a business to use my MVP...
  14. ZahScr

    Is it Lindy?

    Who here has considered the Lindy Effect when evaluating fast lane business ideas? The Lindy Effect says that if something has existed for x number of years, you can reasonably expect it to exist for that same number of years into the future. More info on the idea in this video, article, and...
  15. Mihalsky

    Mihalsky's journey to liberty

    Hi All, Some days ago I introduced and described myself and now it's a moment to start execution log for my way to partial liberty. In first post, I will try to introduce you to the idea, my approach and background. I hope this thread to become a room for super interesting discussions but my...
  16. RayAndré

    Philosophy as a business

    Hey Fastlane fam, I’m throwing this out there to see what bites and if anything snags my attention. I realize I like to think a lot and figure things out. Like, a lot. And most recently I’ve been doing this with life and the human psyche. What kind of business can you start with philosophy...
  17. ycee

    How do I choose my MVP?

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm working on a remote consultation platform, similar to Jane App - Practice Management Software for Health & Wellness Practitioners. It would be a platform for doctors to set timings, send special links to patients, collect payments, take video consultations, and give...
  18. O

    Building an online education business - How do I provide the most value?

    Hello, I am currently working on creating an online learning platform in a specific niche where I believe there is a need, and I am knowledgeable in. It is within an industry where you need a lot of info to get started as a hobbyist or professional. So being able to have info collected and...

    Jetwash Concept

    Thoughts :)
  20. K

    Hello all. How do you know if your business idea is truly creating value?

    I like to jokingly call myself a career student. I’m in my late 20s, have a doctorate in physics, and currently work as a software engineer. Having finally joined the work force, and a relatively low paying job (compared to my contemporaries), I began to realise that even though I might grow...

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