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idea analysis

  1. humthesongg

    Recent College Grad (introduction)/ Air travel Calculator idea

    Hey everyone, I finished reading the millionaire fast lane at the end of December 2023. I graduated from university back in May of 2023 after that I relocated from Indiana to Tennessee where I was offered a well paying job in IT. The job isn't bad or anything i get to work remotely most of the...
  2. Yanezez

    (Lawyer Services) Marketplace: Doable as a Startup?

    Hello Fastlaners, I am wondering how is a marketplace of services doable. Let's say of Lawyer-related services. - Would it be doable as a startup (not a full company to back you up)? - Is it even possible without the clients going around? - How would you charge a commission on services so...
  3. Sorrento

    Is this how you are supposed to sell on the internet?

    I recently realised I have a skill which probably only few people have, and Im trying to turn it into a course. In my school and now college, i was never and still am not a student who gets 99% in school/college but, I always compete with the top 10 in my class, i get around 70/80% . Whats the...
  4. Yanezez

    Idea Stress Test from You Fastlaners (boring idea)

    Hello all, First, thank you in advance for any critique / feedback. Instead of trying to come up with the next revolutionary idea, I thought of the following ‘back to basics’. I noticed in my home country that there is a growing trend for container homes/offices/bathrooms etc. However, very...
  5. P

    Rate this another idea : "SaaS to train people against phishing attacks"

    Hello everyone, I submitted a previous idea which was "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" . I realized quickly that not only the idea was stupid but also dangerous in terms of food regulation. And regarding the problem I tried to solved ? Fortunately, there are already charities and entities...
  6. P

    Rate this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers"

    Hello everyone, after I finished reading the book "The millionnaire fastlane" and the "Great rat race espace", I went to search for ideas of business which could help people to answer their needs. After sometimes, I found this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" Let's imagine you are...
  7. Bells20

    Testing for App Concept - Thoughts?

    Hi! Idea here.... could use some honest feedback. It's a habit-tracking app, although it includes dashboard and trending features that are easily shareable to Social - think IG stories or FB groups. I've been tracking habits via a variety of different apps for years now, although I've yet to...
  8. Lochlan

    A leads generation business for hospitality via articles

    My idea is to start a website with articles like “50 best things to do London “ I don’t know if it is worth it though as trip adviser already exists and there is other articles online like that and to build a brand I would need loads of articles. I’d preferably like it to be lead generation...
  9. P

    My Introduction

    Hi Everyone, Although the majority of you will not see this, I wanted to introduce myself. I am 22 years old, fresh out of college and have been working a software sales job for the past month. Even though I have started my job a month ago, I already feel weighed down. I do enjoy what I do, but...
  10. J

    I WANT to know your thoughts on these solutions for this Fastlane problem (hair salons)

    Hey Fastlaners, So I recently came across a very valuable post by the user MTF talking about how to get infinite fastlane ideas through problems. Part of his strategy is e-mailing business owners and asking them formally about their biggest struggles with running their businesses. I sent around...
  11. G

    IDEA: Mailbox/Pack & Ship Store

    I have been thinking about launching a physical business for some time and would value other members thoughts or experience. The criteria I have for this business is: Low start-up costs Minimal overheads A simple business – one where the model is already proven. What can bring to be better...
  12. G

    Farmer turned Software Engineer Ideas

    Hi Guys! I grew up farming and ended up teaching myself to code on youtube and got a software engineer job that is my current 9 to 5. I have a passive income in a POD Etsy business (I know this isn't fastlane but it covers my grocery bills). I also freelance as a software engineer on the side...
  13. C

    Starting agriculture business - idea validation

    Hi, some time ago I bought 9000 square meters of agriculture land (approx 2.2 acres for people accross the pond ;)) because it was a bargain in comparison to normal land prices here. I've always wanted to start a business outside my profession (programming) and here I saw the next possibility. I...
  14. ZackerySprague

    Feedback Request from Fellow Fastlaners :D!

    Happy Sunday Fellow Fastlaners! For those who don't know, I am Zackery, nice to meet ya! Little backstory, back in December of 2022, I have purchased an INE from the Insiders Section and was working on the project for a bit of time. Now here's were I have to admit my faults, I have dropped the...
  15. M

    AI app/platform idea feedback - and next steps

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to entrepreneurship. I'm in the process of reading Unscripted and it really motivated me to start developing my own software products. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information available so wanted to ask for some feedback and what my next steps...
  16. M

    Business idea evaluation - Proof (soft) - best way to interview target groups

    Hello all, It's my first post here and I'm excited to be a part of the community. I'm trying to evaluate my business idea - soft proof - and I tried subscribing to a few forums to gain access to the target groups. Unfortunately every forum/group/subreddit I'm trying to join they do not allow...
  17. L

    Does customers being involved in your brand's charitable side (ie:donating percentage of profits) benefit your business? Do you notice a correlation?

    *edited to actually make sense now* I'm toying with an idea that started as a simple project to practice coding skills that relates to this. (First off, I don't mean to sound inhuman; I think it's awesome when people start a business with a mission aimed at something they believe, run it up...
  18. L

    Is my business project a selfish idea, or am I seeing need/demand right?

    Hey all, before you go in on me for the title, I'm not asking anyone to do my job for me with this, I'm just looking for input from neutral parties. I'm working on creating a brand of dog dental care treats/products and I'm afraid I might be blinded to whether or not there is a need. I have a...
  19. BlackLands

    Evaluating Your Business Idea: A Series of Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself

    Hi guys, these days I have invested time in creating a list of questions that I will need to validate each business idea before investing time and money in it. These questions were partly taken from here, partly from books and conversations with different experts in the field. I would like to...
  20. Master K. Stone

    Is this a good idea II?

    I've been brainstorming ideas to get started on the Fastlane track after reading various posts on the website. I was hoping for some feedback. Here goes... Idea: a rental system that focuses on kitchen appliances. Specifically immersion circulators. (I bought my own and have been using it for...