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    Jetwash Concept

    Thoughts :)
  2. K

    INTRO Hello all. How do you know if your business idea is truly creating value?

    I like to jokingly call myself a career student. I’m in my late 20s, have a doctorate in physics, and currently work as a software engineer. Having finally joined the work force, and a relatively low paying job (compared to my contemporaries), I began to realise that even though I might grow...
  3. Juanix

    Adult social web app

    Hello everyone, I´m thinking to do a social web application to adults, I´m from Mexico, so... I´m going to do my best with this little project, I work as a software developer, so... I have concepts about designing, programming and deploying a web site to a server, I have worked as de developer...
  4. F

    Is this a viable idea to pursue?

    For about a month I've been working on a new business. At the start, I was pretty convinced that this is an amazing concept and I am onto something big. I won't go into much detail about the product itself, however, what I can tell is, there already are a lot of big players in that industry and...
  5. Marpipe

    How to Test Your Ideas Without Building a Company First

    Hi Friends, My CEO wrote an article recently on how to validate startup ideas without spending the money on manufacturing first. In short, it's a process of using Facebook ads and “Fake Doors” (link removed). We specialize in creative testing, so we combined our methodology with the Fake...
  6. guidaccio05

    11 questions to test your idea and how to validate it next

    I'm currently in the process of validating two ideas, one being a membership group and another a lead generation business. So, I had to search how to do it and created a two-part method. Before trying this I would recommend running your idea through the CENTS framework. However, if you want...
  7. Juan Pimentel

    I want to start taking action on this idea. Can anyone help!

    I want to thank anyone that helps me or provides any feedback in advance. I really appreciate it! With that being said i’ll go straight to the point. I have a found a problem that i want to solve and create value to my target market. This Market is Apartment managers, HOAs, or any property...
  8. J

    How to filter ideas?

    Hi, I have many, many, maaaany ideas. And I think that this is main problem of mine. Now, how you filter your ideas? I mean, my first criteria now is: "Can I afford now for doing this idea?" But after that I have still a lot of thinks I would like to do. I know that I should make one thing at...
  9. L

    Possible Niches? Your thoughts

    I'm looking at a couple of niches were I might be able to add value and wanted to get feedback from people on here. The first idea Suggested by @Late Bloomer in my failed executions thread is the idea of a freelance technical writer, this seems like a good use of my skills. I've tried...
  10. Claude Roy

    How do you decide which idea to pursue?

    Hey Guys, How did you pick one idea that you had and just go with it? I'm honestly feeling like I'm action faking a lot when I'm just searching for ideas. I'm browsing the net, asking questions on forums of what people need and I came out with a list of over 40 ideas that could be profitable. I...
  11. I

    Upgrading to Fastlane by Teaching the Slowlane...Is It Even Legal?!

    This is my personal history. I'm 21 and still living with my parents. I happened to stumble across TMF about 8 months ago and decided to quit my job. In my opinion, it was a good decision since I was only earning $US250/month part-time. (Yeah, that's above minimum wage in my country, which...
  12. Arun Siva

    Wireless charging mat for IPads and IPad pros/tablets

    So as I am reminiscing watching a Udemy course on break at work, my battery on my iPad Pro was getting low. Despite its impressive overall battery capacity, heavy tablet users still have an annoying hindrance in charging utilziing lightning connectors. I was wondering if there were any pitfalls...
  13. AdrianL

    Task Organizer

    Hello everyone, Been having this idea in my head for quite some time, mostly out of pain since I've yet to find anything to help me organize my time, tasks and to-do's in a good fashion, which works properly and efficiently. And since I'm guessing many of us like to keep our plans in order to...
  14. Franco100

    INTRO Ciao a Tutti dall'italia!

    Hi everyone I read the book and it was a fantastic experience ... Thanks MJ DeMarco Really an Exciting Reading !!! I write from Italy, I am in charge of the real estate market. I would like to present my project and ask for advice, maybe in private, but I did not understand where I should post...
  15. Yoda

    'Pick' Up The Beef Jerky Packaging Industry!

    and add a little pouch of toothpicks. What if every single bag of your favorite beef jerky came with a tiny plastic pouch of 3-4 toothpicks? The cost would be a penny or less per unit addition, and the value of the packaging would instantly create an entirely new benefit which no other brand...
  16. L

    Alertness app

    Hi all. I'm afraid I just lost steam on the My Pack To Yours project. I'm expecting to get back to it before long (i.e., once I have more mental stability), but in the meantime I have another idea. What do you think about an app that tests how alert you are, to make sure it's okay for you to...
  17. PeteA

    The NECST is met, but... And there is a big but!

    So I've read the book and reread the CENTS chapters... I have an idea that has been eating me up for a few years. Some how, the stars are aligning itself for this business model. Everything about it meets the CENTS commandments, Entry is still being worked and will be a longer process than...
  18. eTox

    FAILURE What comes first: Validation or preparation?

    An interesting thought came to my mind and I just can't seem to decide. What comes first: validation of an idea or the preparation, the research part? I just don't know. It seems from my experience that I have to do a little of preparation before I could validate the idea, but then again when...

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