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health and fitness

  1. Claymore96

    Can you please help me at my progress in getting my life back?

    Hello my fellow forum members ! :smile: I'm now in a challenging life situation and I want YOU to help me with your advice! :bicep::bicep::bicep: The question is as follows: :smuggy: How do get as much studying and work done as possible in almost every single day and the best grades at my...
  2. piano

    What to eat if you can't cook/fry/boil anything?

    (I couldn't find anything on the internet so now I am here) I do have a kitchen at my familiy's home where I live, however making any healthy cooking habits is simply not possible/unsustainable there (usually messy kitchen, everybody is there and wants something from you or somebody roasts you...
  3. T

    What is Your Biggest Health-Related Pain Point as an Entrepreneur?

    Hey Fastlaners - I'm conducting research to find out what the HEALTH issues are that most entrepreneurs struggle with. These would be issues that affect your performance, ability to scale or increase revenue, or cause lowered satisfaction. If you or another entrepreneur you know has/have a...
  4. Alessandro95

    Balance Between Business Life & Healthy Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone, We are trying to finding out how entrepreneurs manage their business life in combination with a healthy lifestyle and working out. What are the struggles sometimes to find balance between both ?
  5. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Over the last 2 years I have joined three different mastermind groups. I guess I am in 4 now including this group. I have found them HUGELY beneficial. Some things I have learned so far: surrounded by successful people I otherwise wouldn't have access too networking learning from people...
  6. Jonetegle

    Me and my girlfriend believe we just found a really good idea!

    There are a lot of apps out there focusing on fitness and health, but we haven't found an app that have everything in one. Personally we use three different apps; one for tracking weight, one for tracking food intake, and one for tracking the workout. We believe that there should be an app that...
  7. sifix

    The Beginning of my YouTube Journey - Inspired by James Jani

    Title's quite self explanatory, but who are you how did it begin? I'm a competitive strength athlete, nutrition enthusiast and student who's currently also pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Like the title says, I was inspired by James Jani - particularly his video about his about money...