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fuck this event

  1. T

    Thanks for all the answers

    Honestly thank you if you answered! I will take your advices and stop complaining. I edit the Post because I do not think that there will still be any new answers that will not tell somehow the same messages you guys already wrote. I do not think that there is much to say anymore, If you...
  2. WeeksOutstanding

    The most important 'F' we rarely discuss

    I'll go straight to it: MJ mentioned in his first book there are 3 Fs - family, fitness, freedom. We hardly talk about family here, even though I might argue it's probably the most important. Since today is Valentine's Day I wanted to share something I was building for fun. Essentially it's...
  3. iinnbm

    What if you've never had your FTE?

    Is it still possible for someone who has never experienced their FTE (only FTMs or "F*ck This Moments") to still have the drive and willpower to succeed in pursuing Fastlane? What do you think are ways to induce this for those who have not had their FTE? Is there a way to purposefully make it...
  4. Sandy Dives

    Fu*k this event?

    "If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got". The year 2020 was a mess for me. I have experienced real anxiety for the first time in my life, broke up with a girl I very much loved all though I think she's better off without me, and I've gotten deeper...
  5. D

    F*ck This Process?

    Is there such thing as an F This Process without culminating in a F This Event? Considering the right process is the foundation of the desired events, Can you nudge yourself with an F This Process and gradually gain the same result as having an FTE? I’ve read both TMF & Unscripted, and the FT...
  6. G

    My F@#k This Moment(s).

    So tomorrow is one my close family members funeral. And so I work currently for a contract i.t. position. And I just found out today that I DO NOT have PTO for a funeral in my family. So basically I gotta work not just because of that but because I have to save money for an apartment I'm moving...
  7. EatMan

    I haven't had my FTE, what should I do?

    In the book Unscripted, MJ DeMarco talked about a "F*ck This Event" (FTE) in which clarity hits you like a truck, and you're motivated to change and take action regardless of fear or social norms. I've never had this type of event, and maybe because of this, I'm having a real difficult time...
  8. Ronen G


    Hello everyone, I'm 28 and I live in California. When I was very young I found that creating things that made other people happy was how I wanted to live my life. When it came time to decide what college and career I should pursue I flirted with art and engineering, until I finally decided on...
  9. HayesTech

    Unpleasant Truths...

    Here is my idea.. Post an unpleasant truth, and just maybe it will inspire a FTE (F*ck this event) for a fellow forum member. The only rule is that the information posted is factual and unpleasant. I'll start it off... The U.S military lost $6.5 trillion dollars due to "accounting mistakes"...