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F*ck This Process?

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Is there such thing as an F This Process without culminating in a F This Event? Considering the right process is the foundation of the desired events, Can you nudge yourself with an F This Process and gradually gain the same result as having an FTE? I’ve read both TMF & Unscripted, and the FT Event feels to me like the only ‘event idealism’ in the book.

Has anybody experienced a F This Process without a F This Event? And did you feel that you didn’t need the FTE because you had a FTP? Do you think you need a FT Event if you have a solid FT Process? Or should I begin the process of manufacturing my FTE?

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
You're overthinking it.

Go start a business.

Set yourself FREE.

That desire itself should be strong enough because you're here.

The Abundant Man

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Jul 3, 2018



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Jan 23, 2011
I never had a defining FTE or FTP.

I just realized along the way, seeing countless examples of why one way of life is more likely to create freedom and wealth than another.

The Millionaire Fastlane and a few others more or less gave me the courage to leave other people's expectations about what I should do behind for what I already knew in my heart and head was right. The books helped me realize it was totally OK to pursue this life.

I second MJ. You are overthinking it.


Mamba Mentality!
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Feb 4, 2018
I've never had a strong FTE either. Probably because I never had to take any major bullshit while working slowlane jobs. But I want to be FREE. And it keeps me going every day, sometimes more, sometimes less. When the WHY is strong, you can make anything.
Thank you all for pointing out that I’m overthinking it. I really have been overthinking points and specifics of the Fastlane ideology because I’ve been “pre-wiring” my brain for the Fastlane.

For years I’ve followed those living alternate lifestyles and lived some aspects of it (hermits, homesteaders, “humble poor”, permaculture, preppers, those in the zeitgeist movement & Venus project etc. - many of these imply a Slowlane lifestyle is unethical!!

Im almost done eradicating as much of this subconsciously imbued anti-capitalist propaganda as I can before beginning my Fastlane in earnest. My process so far includes 2 years of absorbing Fastlane ideology while eradicating 8 years of anti-capitalist thinking. It really saddens me when I hear people neglect their mind before and during their Fastlane, build their Fastlane, only to have their limiting beliefs sabotage it - or they make it in the Fastlane only to blow it away on the Sidewalk.

The subconscious mind is the foundation of your entire life. In that regard, I have some value to share in the near future.

Who else has overthought or is overthinking points of the Fastlane ideology and how did you overcome it (other than executing of course, unless executing is the only way to not overthink things)?

I had these questions prepared for threads, and now won’t be posting them as threads. I’m sharing them as quotes here as an window into overthinking for those looking for an example of what not to do:
“Slowlane vs Fastlane: effort showdown (can a Fastlane be 9-5 with effective execution?)”
“I believe there is such thing as a real victim. (Imagine someone who born in a third world country, had To figure out everything themselves. ZERO oppurtunities, ZERO money, used exploited and abused. taught total dogma and ”you should be happy to be alive for your next bite”. Someone who is in an internment camp from birth...)” (BTW: I aim to free as many of these “real victims” As I can “buying a pack of gum” afford, and to have the max impact I need to free myself first).

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Aug 27, 2017
Desert of Desertion
“Slowlane vs Fastlane: effort showdown (can a Fastlane be 9-5 with effective execution?)”

I call this 'merging', as do some others. People often have to retain the job while building a business, it's just the reality of it. Doesn't mean having a job in the mean time should be viewed as 'evil' or counterproductive. Sure, it'd be nice to have the whole day to pour into the business (and for sure, that's what weekends are for). However, it's easier to work on a business when worries about income aren't keeping you awake at night.
I asked this because in Chapter 14 of Unscripted, it read to me that you had to have an FTE or you won’t execute as much as you could. It could lead readers to believe that a solid FTE is a prerequisite to taking massive action. FTE ‘Event idealism’ as you will.

MJ, Great work clarifying things in the 2018 edition of TMF, it’s much clearer to newbies now. If you are taking suggestions for second edition improvements of Unscripted, May I suggest that you clarify this, possibly by noting other ways to achieve a FTE-like shift (F this lists, really strong and huge whys, manufacturing an FTE, etc.).
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Silver Contributor
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Dec 3, 2018
Love that Image!

Fun Fact:
The Motto of the People living in northern Germany ( the frisians) is " id rather be dead than a slave" they even have that on their flag

but... i think they think that may not apply to slowlane living.

Seems ironic as Germany has some of the highest taxes in Europe

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