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  1. boostertail

    What's Your Take on Fiverr? Share Your Opinions and Experiences!

    I've been exploring the world of freelancing and recently, Fiverr caught my attention. I'm curious to hear what your opinions and experiences are with this platform. Have you used Fiverr as a buyer or seller? What was the most outstanding experience you've had, or maybe a not-so-great one? As...
  2. Solipsismo

    Which path to take to become a digital nomad rapidly

    Hello everybody, My goal is to be able to travel the world and live wherever I want. I would like to build ultimately a money-tree, but before reaching that stage, I would like to focus on studying a skill that could provide me good cash, enough to live as a digital nomad, through 100% remote...
  3. Kak

    You Don’t Have to be a Freelancer

    Copywriting proponents always talk about how it’s good for someone just starting out. I want to challenge them to find a single copywriter that went on to start a successful multimillion dollar unrelated company. It’s a lie, distraction, and cop out. No one shows up to an entrepreneur forum...
  4. Fr33zerPop

    What payment gateway is most fair and reliable for paying international freelancers?

    As I begin to scale my US-based business (animation), I'm hiring international artists to work on projects. Does anyone have a good experience with a payment system for international freelancers that has felt inexpensive, reliable, and mostly world-wide? It feels like I have to figure...
  5. Orionlab

    Skin in the game for Copywriter

    Hi Pals. I am Yakubu. I just started my career in Copywritting some 3months ago and I have literally been practicing without stop. Right now I want to really have some pratical experience of this, working on real project. I trying upwork, but it's quit hard breaking through as a beginner...
  6. E

    What's a reasonable payment to a freelancer for finding prospects and closing them?

    Hello, I am thinking of paying a freelancer $200 for every closed client for my B2B Digital Marketing Agency. The $200 is only a starting payment, but will be doubled after the 50th closed client. However, it turns out there are 2 seperate parts which I thought was just 1 part. The first, to...
  7. J

    Outsourcing web development with my agency

    Hi, In todays world, there are lots of freelancers you can hire to do jobs like web design, graphic design, marketing services etcetera. I also noticed, that there are a lot of people who need a website for their businesses and are willing to make an investment. I have been thinking and I got...
  8. MitchM

    Client acquisition for a cryptocurrency development team.

    Hello everyone! For some background: Back in November I started my eCommerce business which is going very well. Right now I am looking to make some extra cash to fund more inventory, products, distribution channels, and ad testing. One of my friends contacted me with perfect timing -...
  9. P

    How can i find web developing resources ?

    I just want to you know for My Expertise on Wed Developing I want to join us for my Expertise, can I?
  10. mo3

    Old Sidewalker

    I'm 42 (43 very soon), I have 3 young children (youngest is 21 months), I run a tiny freelance business from home, working 2 days a week. I've read the first half of TMF and stopped to come and visit the forum. My Dad is a Slowlaner, in all respects. He spent his life scrimping and saving. He's...
  11. Tamas Fogt

    From Hungary to the moon [I love sales]

    Hey guys, I am glad to be here with great people like you. I hope I created this blog in the right place. :D I've already learned here a lot and I want to give back. I am going to write my blog here and I hope every follower will love it. I am a Hungarian entrepreneur and I am building my...
  12. KopyKidd

    Graduating from Upwork - From Zero to $1,000 in 5 Days

    After 2 years and more than $100k made, I deleted my Upwork profile last week. I'd been pussyfooting around taking my copywriting business off of Upwork for months. My workload had gone down, my feedback score was sinking, and I was getting frustrated with Upwork in general, but every day I had...
  13. M

    Greetings From Nairobi-Kenya

    Jambo, (Swahili) Hi everyone I'm a 23-year-old communication student at the University of Nairobi, freelance content writer and copywriter. Learned about TMF book from Peter Voogd's Podcast (Young Entrepreneurship Lifestyle) which he kept mentioning most of the time then decided to read it in...