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  1. MexicanCreator48

    Created my gig at Fiverr, but haven't sold anything

    Hi guys! I created a project months ago in which I do translation services in different languages but I encountered a problem and I haven't sold anything yet, I noticed that I make a few impressions per day but no one seems to buy the service. Do you guys work on Fiverr? And if so, how can I...
  2. MexicanCreator48

    New to Fiverr, do you have any tips to become more successful?

    Hi guys! I started a new Fiverr account a few months ago in which I'm focusing on building translation services, but these gigs aren't getting any attention and I need advice from you guys to succeed in Fiverr. I'm having trouble getting clients on board with my service. Is there any way to gain...
  3. C

    Fiverr v. Your own site

    Hello again everybody, I recently landed my first customer for market research for businesses. I obtained them through Fiverr and a thought occurred to me. Would I be better suited to start my own website with ordering and dealing with the ins and outs of processing and all that or is it better...
  4. klaipeda

    Create brand awareness, where to start?

    Hello, I have no idea where to start to make brand awareness. I have the positioning and the differential idea that do my service better than the competitors and provide value to the customer. Still, I have no idea how to start the marketing. What do you suggest doing? Hire someone on...
  5. KushShah9492

    Started my first gig on Fiver.

    It’s been just a couple of days on this forum, and reading the millionaire fastlane has changed my perspective towards business, and life itself. With a lot of motivation from the people in this forum.. I’ve taken the first step going from slowlane to fastlane. I’ve started a gig on Fiver. It’s...
  6. Andy Black

    Online courses on Fiverr vs Udemy?

    How do the online courses compares on Fiverr vs Udemy? I didn’t even realise Fiverr had online courses for freelancers! It’s a smart move to offer courses to the freelancers they already have on the platform.
  7. MJ DeMarco

    FIVERR goes public, will it become HUNDREDRR?

    Great news if you're a part of the FiveRR team, probably not for customers. See here: Let the price increases begin! Let the syrupy bullshit emails "in order...
  8. Danny01

    18 year old entrepreneur starting my journey to Freedom

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel. I found the Millionaire Fastlane while reading a blog review of best entrepreneurial books. A little background of my business attempt: I started a blog January 2018 and built it to about 120,000 Pageviews per month by August. I couldn't monetize the traffic pouring in...
  9. Drive2Riches

    How does Value Perception help you?

    I've got to give myself a little credit. I did a "2X" in 2018. I doubled my prices and tripled sales by doing it. It's the "value perception" that really paid off. I'm on a platform (Fiverr) where literally anybody can join and claim to do the same thing that I do. But the number of...
  10. Benacles

    Thinking about hiring on Fiverr? Do not miss this 4 battle-tested tips

    Hi there, Since I’ve been using Fiverr a lot lately, I thought about sharing a few principles I now live by when hiring on that platform. It took a great deal of time and hassle before coming up with these; my sincere hope is that they will save you both. Note that the tips should work just...
  11. S

    [Progress] Trader parent looking for fastlane

    Hello there! My name is Christopher I'm from Poland. I am a commodity trader and soon to be parent of two (My boy is 1,5 year old and we are expecting second child in january 2019). You can read a bit more about my backstory in my welcome thread. Thanks to having a kid my daily "free time" is...
  12. Envious

    Can freelancer/Upwork/fiverr be automated?

    So I can’t remember what thread it was posted in but I noticed someone mentioning they were developing a system to automate their jobs on fiverr and freelance sites. I’m not asking what specific tasks can be automated, I’m just seeing if it’s possible or if anyone has done it before? Obviously...
  13. AlexLegault

    Copywriting, Failing and Readjusting

    A while back I made a Fiverr gig to start building up my copywriting experience and portfolio. After 2-3 months of having no luck (not a single sale) and rewriting my offer/testing dozens of times, I knew that I needed to try something new. I didn't put much though about how saturated Fiverr...
  14. Lina Suzy

    Hey there!

    Hello there! Myself Lina Suzy. I am a professional Freelancer in Fiverr and Upwork. I have been working last few years as a SEO Expert. I feel glad to being here in the world largest and popular Forum Thefastlaneforum. I hope you guys doing well. Thanks
  15. Drive2Riches

    Can I build a productocracy out of this?

    My story goes back to '15, when I was logging in here and there doing "micro-pay" digital-oriented work for the tiniest of tasks like... Well, it doesn't matter, but I did that until I didn't have to any more. I started transcribing audio for very low rates. I joined Fiverr, and put my gig up...
  16. StompingAcorns

    Tips for Buying on Fiverr

    I thought I would post a few tips for Buying on Fiverr. I’ve recently been working with a few people for logo and label design. I’ve discovered a few things – posting here in case it helps someone else who’s new to Fiverr. I know a lot of you may be working as Sellers on Fiverr, Upwork, or other...
  17. Mike Partee

    Simbi Master Thread

    DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this platform in any way Hey Everyone, Wanted to post this thread to discuss potential opportunities for freelancing through the Simbi platform, as well as to share experiences and execution. For anyone new to Simbi, it is a platform where people can...

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