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feedback please

  1. E

    Just got laid off, have a family to take care of. Got maximum 120 days on hand. Got some advice?

    Hello everyone! This will be a little bit of a selfish discussion, I really hope you don't mind reading through and giving me some advice. I dont know how this forum works, assuming you ask a question by making a post. Please correct me if I am wrong! Brief intro, I am a 16 year old guy. I know...
  2. P

    Rate this another idea : "SaaS to train people against phishing attacks"

    Hello everyone, I submitted a previous idea which was "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" . I realized quickly that not only the idea was stupid but also dangerous in terms of food regulation. And regarding the problem I tried to solved ? Fortunately, there are already charities and entities...
  3. P

    Rate this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers"

    Hello everyone, after I finished reading the book "The millionnaire fastlane" and the "Great rat race espace", I went to search for ideas of business which could help people to answer their needs. After sometimes, I found this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" Let's imagine you are...
  4. B

    Need some actual feedback... i feel like im falling back..

    Okay so i have been working on my venture to freelancing & dropshipping artworks as a stepping stone but i just feel like everything im doing isn't going to get me to the right road, i started getting myself involved in the AI market but i am thinking whether to skip it and go straight on to...
  5. milanr_97

    Request for feedback: (idea) a tool for making real connections quickly

    Disclaimer: apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forum (my previous post was my intro!) My business idea The problem When joining a new organisation/environment, it can be difficult to find people that you feel you could really connect with which can adversely affect...
  6. windchaser

    Is my business wounded to death or is it just a bump in the road?

    I have been working on this business for the last 3 years together with a business partner and we have been growing steadily and profitably (specially since Fall of 2020). However,during the last 3 months we have been struggling with declining sales, an increasing CAC and a big increase in...
  7. MrDiggs

    [FEEDBACK NEEDED] Business Idea: Content Repurposing Service

    Hello beautiful people, I'm reaching out to your all to get your opinion on my new (and only) business concept. I'm hoping that but getting the feedback of like-minded people, I'll be able to improve the business concept (against CENTS) and/or pivot into a better more polished version. It...
  8. Vince P

    Everything can be rented

    I hope you guys can help by giving feedback in my idea. Basically what I envisioned is to make everything for rent. what I can provide is the logistics and the payment side. Infrastructure: Platform for website and app that anyone can post their stuff. They make a profile and they will have to...
  9. Jonas Napier

    Mind Training Pitch Deck Feedback

    Hey I'm applying for a business angel investment (Nordic Angel Program Batch 3 For startups | Danish Business Angels) I have created a pitch deck that I would like to have you guys look at. The deck will be attached to the "real" application - but I'm planning to use it later on as a teaser...
  10. TopDirective

    Is My Course Scam? Design Advice Needed

    It's 0:34. Something totally unexpected happened today. Just before shooting Youtube pre-roll ad, I felt completely frozen and and unhappy. Not sure if it was due to watching ludicrous amount of advertising. That helped for inspiration for sure, but there was something else. I just could not...
  11. Kevin mulenga

    I sketched an idea and i need feedback.

    Mywill is a sketch i made up in under a day. It would allow senior citizens to create an encrypted last will (testament) that is safely protected and locked up. When a new user is created and a will has been safely saved and locked up. The user has the ability to send out 3 access keys to...
  12. AFMKelvin

    Does A Strong Accent Lower Views on Youtube

    I want to start making youtube videos but I'm afraid to because I have a strong accent in English. Well is not that strong but it's noticeable. Even though I was born and raised in the US I've lived in neighborhoods where the majority talked Spanish even my classmates. So between school and home...