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  1. SimonD01

    Scaling a not-so business at 19 years old

    Hey what's going on y'all? Going to cut straight to the chase. My dad *runs* a construction "business", but it's really just a job. He's been in this industry for the past 30+ years so his experience is pretty extensive to say the least. Something that has completely caught me off guard is the...
  2. D

    I'm translating Unscripted to Spanish

    I started doing it because my wife is not very prroficient at English as I am. So I started translating it to her reading it out loud in Spanish, however I started translating it in a Google Docs document, I'm located in South America, hence I translate it withouth using Spain's words or...
  3. JessieJameWets

    Being a teenager doesn't stop your Fastlane journey

    Now, I know that me stating I'm underage might instantly mean this thread can get closed with MJ redirecting me to the teenager forum (link here: GOLD! - IMPORTANT! - The definitive Fastlane guide for teenagers...) with MJ calling this a low-effort post. However, I would like to point out that...
  4. Kavin

    Stepping stones

    Hello Fastlane’s I’m Kavin a 15-year-old and currently in high school year 11 I live in Dubai but I’m an Indian national, well just read the millionaire Fastlane and now doing unscripted. Before my friend gave me unscripted, I wanted to be an average Slowlaner do a nice engineer in some good...
  5. Zagorski

    Dating app

    Hey everyone i am Kacper, I'm new here and lately I've been trying to create a new dating app. Currently preparing an outline. There are a lot of apps like this on the market. What do you think a new app should have to create interest and freshness in the market. Do you consider this idea a...
  6. Cojo

    What to do when there are already solutions to a problem?

    I have been able to find problems to solve but there are already solutions to them. I guess this means they are profitable. What should I do?
  7. Awakened potato

    14 y/o wanna-be-highschool(9th grade)- dropout.

    I'm 14 y/o as you could see in the title. An indian guy, rn in 9th grade. I've read the millionaire fastlane and halfway through the 4 hour work week by tim. In addition to that, I've consumed a lot of business content on yt and articles. Watched all the buisness vidoes of Hamza(he's an...
  8. Igormartins

    Amazon FBA - Violation of the Commandment of Control

    Hey, everyone! My name is Igor, I am 17 years old and come from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been reading The Millionaire Fastlane (I am on chapter 31 now). As I was reading chapter 30 (The Commandment of Control), I realised that the business I was interested in pursuing (Amazon FBA), I...
  9. Websterjrg


    Hi my name is Jerry and I am from Northern Kentucky. I am currently reading the Fastlane and then will move onto unscripted. I love the book so far and it is so different than all of the finance or business books I have read. I currently have most of my money in an index fund through Vanguard...
  10. jarvisdiego

    Help A Young Adult With His Future...

    What's up everyone! I am confused about my future (currently 22 years old). So many opportunities, not much time to do them all. I would appreciate some help/ideas on what to do. Being stuck in this part of my journey for a while now. I am studying mechanical engineering and I am doing my...