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  1. Andy Black

    An example of emails I send to referrals

    A web developer introduced one of his clients to me. Below is my second email to the prospective client. In the first email I promised to do a quick bit of research and send it to him this morning. I kept that promise and sent the email below at 11:30am. (It's important to state when you're...
  2. Domis

    A Question for Agency Owners

    Hey guys, I started a Short Form Content Agency ~2 weeks ago. Since then I have basically ran out of people to reach out to, because my niche is law and the only way I search for clients is by typing words like "Lawyer" or "Attorney" into the YouTube search bar and sending them an example clip...
  3. Paul David

    Roast my Email (or SMS/cold call script etc)

    I thought it might be useful for those of us who do cold outreach to have a roast my outreach content thread. We could post our content here and get some feedback from the business owners in the group on whether they liked it, hated it or offer advice on what they'd change. I'll start. Here's...
  4. Paul David

    What's the best cold email or DM you've ever received?

    Been doing a lot of research into cold outreach. Done correctly it can work really well. What worked in 2015 however may not work as they do now. What's the best cold email you've ever received? Would you be more inclined to respond if somebody asked for advice rather than pitched their...
  5. C

    Starting a Klaviyo Email Marketing Digital Agency

    Hey Yall, I wanted to start this thread for anyone who needs that extra motivation to start their path. I know I've benefitted from these kinds of posts figured I add back that value. My goal is to get more into Dropshipping. Dropshipping was my first attempt at the Fastlane journey. But, a...
  6. A

    Advice Needed From E-Mail Pros For Cold Outreach Template

    Hello guys, I wrote an e-mail template to promote olive oil through partnerships with nutraceutical/pharmaceutical or any other health product company out there. There is olive oil used for therapeutic purposes? Yes, and it's quite rare with a lot of research behind it so there is no question...
  7. D

    Building Email list - strategies, tools, tips & tricks

    I could not find any thread about this topic, so let's share our knowledge here. Here is one from me: Create Email Marketing Your Way - MailerLite - You can create you first email campaign for free, super beginner friendly and does not require credit card. For starters it's probably the best...
  8. T

    QUESTION: setting up email for clients with domain name?

    Okay so I know how web hosting works, and I know how to connect a domain to it, and I know how to build a website, but email systems with the domain name confuse me. I have a few questions about it and am looking for any advice. I'm using CPanel to setup websites for clients, but how do I make...
  9. Champion

    E-Mail Marketing Agency (Not Webdesign, but same Principles apply)

    Hey Everyone, I want to use this post to share my Journey in building an E-Mail Marketing Agency, which I believe is a similar goal to many of you who are building your webdesign agency. I have experience running my own Shopify store and was making around 40k Revenue per month at the maximum...
  10. P

    Trying to find a successful side hustle. 12 months in on one project

    Redone my landing/home page, AGAIN Hi there folks. It's nearly 12 months since I started on a new side project. Managed to launch it October last year. First few months went OK. Managed to get a few "free users" but that has since dried up. Still no paying customers. I know it's a product in...
  11. Jonny Blaze

    (ECOM) Do you make these 3 mistakes with your email marketing subject lines?

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I wrote this article on LinkedIn and I felt like it would be helpful for some of the members on here too. Take a lookie-poo below if you would like some free value that will help you get more opens. ----- Ahh, the subject line of an email... It's the first...
  12. Rawseed

    AI to Create Emails for Shopify Stores

    Noah Kagan from AppSumo just released some software that's supposed to use artificial intelligence to automate email marketing for Shopify store owners. I don't have a Shopify store. So, I haven't tried the software. I'm also not affiliated with AppSumo. And I'm not an affiliate for the...
  13. wordwarrior

    Looking for New Email and Web Hosting Services

    I currently use Google services for my personal email and blog, and I don't have a personal or business web site. This needs to change. Do you have any recommendations? This sort of relates to the command of control even though both services are complimentary to any business/career. Both are...
  14. S

    Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Evening fastlaners, Below is my cold email for targeting private dental clinics on purchasing digital lead generation services and possible up-sell of sales training packages. I'm very comfortable with phone and face-to-face sales after 5+ years in various sales roles, however copy is...
  15. P

    Mass Niche email list

    I am a graphic design who take 12 hrs in front of computer. One day I have found the way to collect niche email list/group of mass email list. However I do not have any knowledge about marketing / email marketing. Could anyone advice me how can I do something with this email list. How can I...
  16. P

    Email Drip Campaigns For Real Estate?

    I'm just getting started as a copywriter. And I'm trying to find my niche. I'm fascinated by real estate, particularly those big apartment multiplexes. The ones that Grant Cardone others like him invest in. My problem is I don't know how to tie it together with copywriting, but then I became...
  17. P

    Done For You Cold Email/Call Scheduling Service - Over 2,000 calls booked

    How much money would you make from 50 calls with business owners in your niche? We have scheduled over 2,000 calls in the last two months with cold email in every niche from llama farmers to dance studios We handle everything from start to finish. Every morning our clients wake up to scheduled...
  18. The Abundant Man

    Video along with Cold Email...

    When sending out a sales cold email to another business is it better to attach a video of yourself in that email?
  19. Chris McCarron

    The BEST Cold Email Techniques to Reach CEOs and VIPs

    Since launching GoGoChimp in 2013, we’ve been working really hard at writing perfect cold emails that help our clients to reach their objectives quicker and easier than before. We send emails to hundreds of thousands of people each year and in some cases millions of people in a single month...
  20. A

    Top 5 Most Overused Sales Email Subject Lines

    According to a research study by Convince & Convert, 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. The same study also indicated that emails with personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. So, ask yourself this question: How personalized are your sales...