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  1. T

    I'm totally broke; what can I do? Need advice

  2. Sisyphos

    Getting started again E-Commerce

    Hi, as i already mentioned in my Intro I already had an ok going e-commerce store in the past. I will now completely rebrand it create the company under my own name (not my parents like it was in the past) and try to scale through different forms of advertising and also SEO. The first steps...
  3. L

    Losing 6K in 3 months

    I have been running my own e-commerce stores for a good 1.5 years. I have only made real sales this year. So far it is 90k. Until July I had about 8K gross "profit". (I know, for the turnover not much). The last 3 months, however, I have lost just under 6K, because I have tested a lot and...
  4. L

    How do you manage to enjoy the process?

    Im 19 years old and doing e-commerce for 2 years now with very little success. (i got like 80.000€ Sales in that two years overall). And yes im working every day on it and not just for some minutes but the whole time when im home. I launched 2 new stores in the past month and they both...
  5. Lrd_Gaz

    My latest venture - The business of changing dogs lives

    We rescued our family dog, Cody, from an animal shelter when he was just 14 months old. He’s now 3 and a great family pet, loved by us and our kids. It breaks my heart hearing that reportedly in the UK 21 dogs are euthanised every day because they couldn’t be rehomed. Enter us. How our...
  6. M

    Investing in “The Marcos”

    Hello Everyone My Name is Marcos, I am a young Portuguese entrepreneur. I have created a global fashion brand. We need some funding to launch our website. I was wondering if some of you could give me some advice how we can raise funds or even help to fund our startup. We have already...
  7. Y

    Is Amazon FBA dead in 2022 for starting a business?

    Hello, I'm thinking of starting a company via Amazon FBA, that is, using Amazon for product research and for testing the products by launching them there. If a product does well via FBA, I would then offer it via other sales channels (that have nothing to do with Amazon), thus gaining more...
  8. C

    1 month to succeed in E-Commerce

    Good to see you everyone! My story starts about one year ago. I heard about E-Commerce and decided to try to launch my first website. I failed, again and again. By the end of 2020, I finally had a store and made a few thousands dollars. But I couldn't scale it and it crashed completely. Then, I...
  9. mdot

    Watering a New Brand - mdot's Hardware Startup and E-Commerce Progress Thread

    Hi Fastlane Forum, since the beginning of the year I've been tying up loose ends on my existing projects (mostly hobby projects, no businesses) so that I can focus on my first business venture. I'll talk about the venture itself shortly, but first I'd really like to thank everyone on the forum -...
  10. daniels97

    Our e-commerce brand crossroad: to continue or not?

    Hello everyone, I have known that I want to become an entrepreneur since my high school. Because of knowing that education which is provided by schooling system isn’t enough, I have been reading a lot of books and obtaining experiences in my early attempts with business. Today I am a student...
  11. PeterMathews35

    Peter Intro

    Hi everyone, I just finished Fastlane Millionairre and have been consuming/reading entreprenuership content for the past few years. During Covid this spring I started my first E-commerce site and actually just made our first major sale last week. I work a full time job with a great company but...
  12. Y

    Trying to suceed in a business with a high entry barier at a young age!

    Hello dear Fastlane Members! I'm currently setting up a business with a high entry barrier and I want to show you my progress to see that even an idiot like me can do it with enough willpower. Introduction Summary: If you haven't read my introduction post here is a short summary. I'm...
  13. centje

    Setting up profitable e-commerce stores soon!

    I own a Shopify store online and I’ve contacted suppliers last week Friday and yesterday morning. Some were positive about the idea. I need to send them emails now. This is my first time starting a dropshipping business. I’m working with two other team-members on this dropshipping business and...
  14. Mayor042

    How do I get started

    Good day everyone, I'm really glad I found this book the millionaire fastlane at my local shop and read it. It has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of financial freedom, now i have ideas burning inside of me which I intend bringing out to life, ideas that I know will benefit...
  15. Island Guy

    Island Guy - Watching the Fastlane First Hand

    Hey everyone I've been a long time lurker and now seems like a good time to get involved My Adult life in a nutshell I used to be someone who was "succeeding" at the Slowlane. I found Mr. Money Moustache 7 years ago, when I was in school, and chose the FIRE path for my life. After I landed...
  16. Aymen


    Hi my name is Aymen and I want to get into electronic commerce more specifically in dropshipping, I am currently reading the millionaire highway and mj said that you have to have control over your business and I wanted to ask all e-merchants if i am my dropshipping shop is it a business that i...
  17. EssyLarsson


    Hi! Ok, so there may be some miss-spelling since English is not my main language. Is anyone doing dropshipping? I've had it as a full-time job for 7 months but I lost everything through Facebook Ads because I didn't know what I was doing. But now that I've studied Facebook Ads for almost a...
  18. O

    Agile bootstrapping of a drop-shipping business

    Hi all, first of all deep thanks to all of you for having helped me along this looong year to push forward my interpretation of my own life. Without this blog + book i would have not been able to raise my market intrinsic value to a point allowing me to chase the answer i would like to raise...
  19. G

    Deal or No Deal?

    Here is the deal: You are given an opportunity to sell a product that is a best seller on Amazon. The current seller (brand owner) has to remove the product from Amazon so would have to open your own e-commerce store. This product is patented and you would be the only seller. You can't use...
  20. G

    Do You Want To Learn Facebook Ads For E-Commerce?

    I have a question to everyone that might interested in learning more about Facebook Ads for e-commerce: What would you like to learn about running Facebook Ads to your e-commerce store? I want to offer a monthly subscription (4-8 lessons a month) that would teach entrepreneurs how to...