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  1. foodiepersecond

    OFF-TOPIC Dating a millionaire

    I was curious to how dating is as a millionaire. How do you approach someone? Do you look for another millionaire or someone who simply interests and attracts you? Do you hide your financial history or pour it out in the open? Can you tell who is gold digging or truly likes you? If you are...
  2. D

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane dating board

    A lot of Fastlaners are single and want their love to be a headwind not a tailwind. With a Fastlane dating board inside or outside, Fastlaners can post personals from a template like we have for an INE. Fastlaners have a platform to pursue love with Fastlaners. I would have posted this as an...
  3. Galaxy16

    LANDFILL How to note ideas during date?

    One should pay attention to the partner during a date. But what if one needs to write down an idea before forgetting it?
  4. BellaPippin

    HOT TOPIC F Tinder tell me where you men hang out at.

    Kinda piggy backing on this thread but I didn't wanna hijack it. I'm getting divorced. After 7 years and 4 years of marriage *sigh*. Most of my twenties, pretty much. Long story short, abusive relationship. I'm out, moving on. I'm currently healing, focusing on myself, finishing my last two...
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