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  1. J

    Practicing CENTS #3 - Appliance Repair Course.

    Hello Again. Today I come with my #3 installment of CENTs practice. Let's go. As I realized that It was hard for electronic repair services to scale and that I'll be basically building a job, I considered another approach: an electronic repair course. I know I'll have to be more specific If...

    Monetizing TikTok Growth

    I've grown my account to over 1000 followers in one week on TikTok. 300K+ views, and I can add a link in my bio. Is it time to quickly make a construction related course about how to get a job in the industry (I can actually make it really good) Can I get some inspo on how to monetize this...
  3. IceCreamKid

    Josh Braun: The Badass B2B Growth Guide, Worth It?

    I wouldn't recommend 99% of guru courses out there because they're either outdated, outrageously overpriced, or provide trash quality info which sound good in theory but doesn't work in reality. With that said, there's one that I recommend: Josh Braun - The Badass B2B Growth Guide - Price...
  4. adisharma

    Looking for Fast Track C++ Course

    Hello All, Can anyone suggest me the best c++ course which duration is less? I have checked on youtube to find the video content but there are lots of stuff and I am confused to choose the right one. So please suggest me some references.
  5. YouCanDoThis

    My first CENTS Analysis (Video Course) - Feedback welcome!

    Hey all, Just finished both TMF and Unscripted, and I don't intend to spin my wheels in the world of theories very long. Today I did a CENTS analysis of a business idea I've had for a while now. I know, the only way to verify if this is a solid idea is to test it against the market-mind, but I...
  6. Valle

    Surfing on the wave of hydroponics!

    Hi everyone! I'm about to start an email marketing campaign promoting, selling, and teaching about hydroponic growth systems (a quick and simple way of growing plants in water). The market for hydroponics has just been growing with the years (partly thanks to the marijuana industry) and people...
  7. Sandy Dives

    What type of course should I create first (Udemy)

    So, I'm fairly new here on the forum, but have been in the fastlane community for quite some time now, and have decided that I want to try, at least once or twice, to create a really nice Udemy course. I have some questions, and maybe someone that has made a course on there have some tips. FYI...
  8. S

    Teaching People How to Memorize Books Online (Progress Thread)

    Hey what's up everyone! I am finally ready to kill it, and now that I have a break for Thanksgiving and college applications are winding down, I am going to put in some grind into my new business idea that I think can help a TON of people. I am starting a course that will teach people how to...
  9. JCS

    Journey to $1K/day Selling info Products

    What’s up guys. Are you ready to make some F*cking money? Because I certainly am Call it a Gut Feeling… :humph: So there I am, faced with a choice. I’m with clients at the time, 30 hours a week. They offer me full time at 40 - 50 hours a week. Huge pay raise, double what I was making. More...
  10. Panamera Turbo S

    PHP Shopping Cart Course Feedback

    Hi, I recently launched a new course on Udemy where I teach people how to create from 0 their own PHP Shopping Cart website. And I am new Udemy. I would like to hear some fastlane feedback regarding this course to know if I proceed correctly and how can I improve it to make it better. Bellow...
  11. JamesDB

    ***** I will teach you how to trade/invest profitably FOR FREE! ***** ( starting 1s June 2018)

    [REMOVED AND LOCKED.] Please place a MARKETPLACE ad, that is the place for solicitation and list building.
  12. PersistentlyHungry

    NLP Online Practitioner Course - WORTH IT?

    A live NLP Practitioner course is of little availability to me - considering getting an online one. What are your thoughts regarding the effectivity of this? Cheers
  13. Vitom

    Sam Ovens, Legit?

    Just another Tai? These 'success stories' seem to be popping up more and more on the internet. People who have "overnight success" and now everyone wants to buy in on his recipe or secret. Its really frustrating to see people following and believing what they say. Its like the new MLM. Selling...