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***** I will teach you how to trade/invest profitably FOR FREE! ***** ( starting 1s June 2018)

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Aug 4, 2012
Hey forum.

I'm considering to create a new innovative trading product and therefore offer a trading / investing course starting from 1st of June 2018.

It represents an unique opportunity to learn financial markets and master timeless trading and investing techniques that you will be able to use profitably your entire life.

The program will be completely free of charge but I welcome volunteer donations to animal shelters, considering alone the amount of money I will save you that should be the least you could do.

Those are the Rules that you need to agree upon in order to join:

1. There will be weekly assignments that you will need to fulfil (you will have 6 days to do so), if you fail to submit them on time you drop out from the program, sorry but I don't f*** around and waste my time.
I will personally revise them and give you individual feedback, that alone costs $$$ and represents an unique opportunity to learn.
2. I have the right to use your feedback, materials and recordings for further commercial purposes.
3. You will need to trade on a demo account during this period and report to the group.

That's basically it, I want you to succeed and to profit from my experiences.

You will get a step by step "blueprint" from years of my professional international trading experience. That alone should speed up your learning process by 100x and one thing for sure, afterwards you will think differently about trading opportunities and view charts and markets from a completely new angle. Furthermore I will completely rewire your brain so after a while you will start to think like a professional.

The course will be focused on execution and lots of practice, no worries it will fit your time schedule.

We will cover everything you need in order for you to understand the markets and become profitable.

I already have an agenda in mind but we will have discussions about your interests as well.

Let's see if we get enough participants, let me know if you are interested.



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Jan 23, 2013
United Kingdom
I am really interested in this; I've entered the crypto market recently and started learing a thing or two on my own but would be amazing to learn about the traditional market from someone way more experienced.


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Jan 3, 2018
Interested, let me know when we start

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Content has been removed as it needs to be placed as a MARKETPLACE advertisement.

All solicitations need to go there, even if the solicitation is not for money, but for list building.
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