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  1. C

    When Fastlane doesn't make sense?

    I read “The Fastlane” book and agree with the general concept that Fastlane is better than Slowlane. However, I am struggling to think about how/if it applies to my situation. I am ~30yo I live in a European country with a relatively low cost of living (prices around -50% vs US) Currently, I...
  2. Meikel Muhr

    Trying to find a one trick pony!

    Dear Fastlaners, i am consultant for more than 10 years in the area of IT-Projectmanagement und Advisory to IT-Management. I have a very strong focus on Manufacturing companies that have SAP ERP in place and need to change, upgrade or implement the software. So far I am charing by hour or day...
  3. TCMorgan

    How I Hit 5-Figures Per Month in 90 Days During C0VlD-19

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated here on the forum, and I have had a WILD year so far! I'm going to share how I reached $10k+ per month consulting, how long it took me to get there (title might've been a spoiler...), and some insights into how you could pull this off, too...
  4. Niptuck MD

    Manufacturing Supply Chain and Quality Systems help during Covid19

    Hello Fastlaners, Hope everyone is making it and adapting doing what they need to do during this dog and pony circus called COvid. I wanted to get back to the FLF and help others during this time and if ANYONE here (not just insiders) needs any help feel free to message me or skype me. My...
  5. _Denis_S

    Help for Entrepreneurs

    Hello Everyone, I really love this forum and was wondering if I may ask: I'm just starting my own small business as a coach/consultant for entrepreneurs and people in high-demanding jobs. I'm basically helping people to avoid burnout and deal with burnout without having to rely on medication...
  6. 4runner

    Stuck: hit a wall in developing my product

    Hi Fastlaners, I'm developing a product and have spent a ton of time creating the prototype. I've done as much as I can do myself, and need some outside guidance on how to finalize the prototype and guide me on how to get it mass-produced. I believe I need a custom part designed...
  7. VPchris

    Thinking of getting/paying for a MENTOR in consulting. Your experience/thoughts?

    Hey everyone, Would like to start stress & anxiety coaching people as a sidehustle. Currently doing a 20-hour training in a branch of psychotherapy (very practical, ideal for coaching). But I lack the sales/communication/coaching skills and mindset. I've been following an awesome dating &...
  8. Sean Jackson


    Hello everyone! My name is Sean, and I am currently putting together an organizational development consulting firm that's aimed specifically towards start-up founders who need organizational help & VC / Angel Investors looking to protect their investments! I have a MS in I/O Psych and am highly...
  9. mpcharles

    Starting my business today.

    Hi All, In this thread I will be chronicling my startup journey of my business that I am about to create. Here is my intro thread : INTRO - Let's try this again. I am currently not working for the last 6 months having had a F*ck you event in my life. I have now rested and am ready to begin...
  10. M

    Washington, DC area investor/ entreprenuer

    Hello, my name is Shanice and I live in the Washington, DC metro area. I would love to connect with other business owners in the area (and am going to search the files for threads on meetups soon). If you're also close by, feel free to say hi and we can meet! A little bit about me: I've been...
  11. V

    Getting back on fastlane

    Hi all, I was on Fastlane it feels like a few years ago. I looked around, wasn't sure what to do. Then, I started an investment company, did very well, then my partner had a lot of issues, and we had to close down (he was the trader). Now, I've restarted and reinvested. I've opened up an...
  12. Alan Spicer

    HELLO! From YouTube Consultant - Web Dev - Social Media Nerd - Alan Spicer

    Hello All, My name is Alan Spicer. My heart and passion is firmly dedicated to Social Media, YouTube Consultancy, Web Development and being a huge internet nerd. I have been on YouTube since 2013 and have helped grow YouTube channels to millions of views and thousands of subscribers. I have...
  13. Matt Hugh

    Matt's Progress Thread

    What I am doing? What value am I offering? Helping physical product businesses increase net profit by bringing their products to a wider market and new sales channels via ecommerce. Initial Process - Researching small businesses in Australia, US and Canada who might have physical products and...
  14. S

    Scaling consulting / Contracting

    Currently I am a contractor in the Data Science space. It was a great move and I more than doubled my salary overnight switching from being employed. I had no problem finding gigs so far but the actual work is really getting to me and it it basically just sort of a "midlane" approach. In my...
  15. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Creating this thread to detail my progress in executing on the clever plan laid out by @MJ DeMarco here: (speaking about web development) So what have I done so far? I found a notable company with an outdated, poorly designed site, in a very large industry. I tried to get authorization to...
  16. nickR8

    $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge —23 y/o, built 6-fig biz last year [VIDEO]

    Hey! I thought I'd post me documenting my $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge for you to follow along :) A little about myself: I've been dabbling in business since dropping out of college almost 3 years ago. But I only started "hitting my stride" last year when I went from making next to nothing...
  17. 100k

    Get Strategic Executable Expert Advice From Millionaire(s) For As Little As $5/min.

    Jesus H. Christ Look at this site I came across: Clarity — On Demand Business Advice You can get the phone with EXPERTS that know pretty much ANY field you are in, or contemplating to get into and ask them anything you want! Here is Ryan Holiday's profile.... this guy a millionaire, I read...
  18. StartupsRFun

    Are there any other sites like Merger Network?

    So I started using Merger Network to advertise my consulting business, and have had success getting clients from it. I was wondering if anyone who has used Merger Network has found success using any other sites?