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  1. thechosen1

    Multiple businesses - handing over the reins and running without you!

    Hey all, something has been on my mind a lot and that is the idea of multiple businesses. You always hear about these investors and companies with portfolios of profitable companies just throwing off all this cash and making their owners rich. My question is, how much of that is fact and how...
  2. Mike Partee

    EXECUTION Productized Services: The Sequel

    After selling my first Productized Service (PS) company ~2 years ago, I've finally come across a new problem important enough to tackle. Since this is public, I'll speak in metaphors to detail the process and strategy for others to learn from. What this business IS isn't important. What's...
  3. stefanoesposito

    I've designed an innovative rhythm guitar course which solves a problem, but it doesn't sell as I expected

    Hi everyone, I never write but I often read the Forum, The Millionaire Fastlane has literally changed my life and my approach to business. Finally I write here of my entrepreneurial project in the field of music education, which I have been dealing with for years. In practice, I created an...
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