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cents business

  1. Grom

    What business to start at 16?

    Hi guys) I'm 16 and want to start a business, that will teach me valuable skills, and won't require a lot of time (because of school) 2 hours per day. It sounds foolish, but I saw it on YouTube and simply wasted my time. All I learned is that a good business model is a service-provided...
  2. J

    I WANT to know your thoughts on these solutions for this Fastlane problem (hair salons)

    Hey Fastlaners, So I recently came across a very valuable post by the user MTF talking about how to get infinite fastlane ideas through problems. Part of his strategy is e-mailing business owners and asking them formally about their biggest struggles with running their businesses. I sent around...
  3. M


    @MJ DeMarco the famous blueprint for fastlane business is called CENTS, or if you're older, NECST. This is honestly and amazing blueprint that can help anyone blazetrail almost any business, BUT, i have a question: The first commandment is called the commandment of Need. However, There ARE...
  4. C

    Is making lofi beats a good CENT?

    First time posting here so excuse me for asking nooby questions. Im some chapters away from finishing The Millionaire Fastlane but im already trying to look for ideas that work. Anyone know anything about lofi beats? Can you make a good amount of money with it? It's something I always listen to...
  5. Hanabi

    How I Found My CENTS Business Model. Tips to Help YOU Find Yours.

    Hello, nice to meet you:smile:! My name is Yoshina, and I’m 24 yrs old. I’d like to tell you my story of how I came up with my business idea that fits the CENTS model and my thought process towards entrepreneurship through the years, if you don’t mind;). (Tips at the end:smile2:) When I was...
  6. L

    You always give up a piece of control with an internet business, don't you?

    Hey, in the book "The Milionars Fastlane" one capital is about the control you should always have yourself. But if you build a website, for example, through WordPress, then you also give up control there, because you give WordPress the power. And then with traffic, you don't always have the...
  7. G

    Multiple businesses - handing over the reins and running without you!

    Hey all, something has been on my mind a lot and that is the idea of multiple businesses. You always hear about these investors and companies with portfolios of profitable companies just throwing off all this cash and making their owners rich. My question is, how much of that is fact and how...
  8. stefanoesposito

    I've designed an innovative rhythm guitar course which solves a problem, but it doesn't sell as I expected

    Hi everyone, I never write but I often read the Forum, The Millionaire Fastlane has literally changed my life and my approach to business. Finally I write here of my entrepreneurial project in the field of music education, which I have been dealing with for years. In practice, I created an...

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