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  1. Stefan Mladic

    Discussion: Future of the car industry and the opportunities in the shift.

    Hello I am currently 17 and in my weekly cycles of deciding what I want to start doing in order to provide immense value I always come back to mechanical engineering. More specifically cars. I love everything about cars. Everyone is saying that in the near future we are going to shift to...
  2. Leech

    How do I enter a competitive Establsihed Market

    Location : Germany Ive got a few Problems. First of all. Im trying to sell Unbranded OEM Quality Car Parts to Mechanic shops, but i dont really know how to efficiently enter the Market I get My parts for a really cheap Price which helps me to Compete with the Big Companies. but I dont...
  3. K1 Lambo

    Why what car you drive matters

    Ok, this is an interesting topic that I'd like to share with you fellas, and would love to get your thoughts(or personal experiences) with this. Here's a video of Brad Lea who discusses a matter from Warren Buffet, who said that what you drive doesn't matter. Warren Buffet does have a point...
  4. Jeff Noel

    [Car enthusiasts] What is your car, what are the mods you've done to it ?

    I was wondering whether I should create this thread or a 1/4 mile traps thread. I guess this one is a good intro, so post up your car(s) and mods done to it. Bonus points if you add some power/torque figures and even timeslips. I'll start with my car: 2019 Kia Stinger GT Limited (AWD) 3.3TT...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Very rarely do I agree with Marketwatch's personal finance tips but I agree with this one. Early in my entrepreneurial journey, my lust for fast cars really set me back in many ways. Each time I...
  6. Johnny boy

    Leasing classic cars

    New cars depreciate incredibly fast. Even the best depreciation rates can be 30-40% over the first few years for a new car. It doesn't make sense to invest in a depreciating asset. Whether it's as the borrower, or the lender. It's expensive for both of them. Instead, it makes sense to invest in...
  7. biophase

    Sometimes you should take the first offer... A story about trying to buy a Mclaren

    I thought people here would get a kick out of my story on trying to buy this Mclaren. So back on August 30th, I walked in the dealer to test drive this car. They had just listed it at $134,999. They had just got it and their online listing didn't even have photos yet. They gave me the you...
  8. Rickchise23

    Can you name this Supercar?

    Anyone know what kind of car this is? Just got a brief glimpse of it today in scottsdale.
  9. F

    Flipping cars, appliances, and other assets.

    Hi Everyone, I have never bought or sold anything for a profit, and I definitely do not want to go about doing so before doing a lot of research and asking around for advice. I found a used, low-mileage (19,000 miles), 2012 BMW 335i with a Dealer Trade in Value (per Kelley Blue Book) of...